The Peculiar Treasure VA Services

Do you find it difficult to complete all of your blogging or business tasks? Are you struggling to keep your head above water? Do you want to move away from "busy work" and focus on the more meaningful parts of your business? Well I've got you covered!

I am now offering virtual assistant services to bloggers and business owners who need someone to do any of the following:

  • Schedule out your Pinterest, Twitter, and/or Facebook posts so that you don't have to.

  • Create high-quality graphics for Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. You can either choose to provide your own photos or I will choose high-quality stock photos.

  • Promote your content in Facebook groups to extend your reach, create community around your brand, and help you find more dedicated readers.

  • Answer your emails, declutter your email lists and social media feeds, and pretty much anything that you find to be tedious but necessary.

  • Reply to blog comments, Facebook comments, etc.

These services can be yours for:

  •  $15/hour 
  • Option 2: Per-Hour Rate Based on Your Budget: Example- I stay at my $15/hour rate. You tell me what you hope to pay per week (let's say, $200 per week, for example). You would then tell me what you want me working on for the week and I would work on those tasks until the amount of hours I have worked = $200. I then either stop until the next week, or we agree upon another fee to complete the tasks that week.
  • Option 3: If you prefer a weekly fee instead of a per-hour fee, we could come to a mutual agreement on that to find something fair for both of us. For example, if I were your consistent VA and would make $350/week at $15/hour, an example of a good set fee may be $325/week, with the understanding that the tasks take however long they take. Some weeks I may end up working more hours than I am getting paid for to complete the tasks, while other weeks I may get it done more quickly. In that case it will all even out over time.

    A set fee will be required (instead of an hourly rate) for any agreed upon work that comes to less than 20 hours/week.

    In addition to these services, I also offer copy-writing and content editing for separate charges.

    Editing charges will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

    Copy-writing fees are listed below:

    Less than 500 words- $35

    500-999 Words- $70

    1,000-1,499- $100

    Past that, we would have to take it case-by-case.
    My rates include the content itself and 1 major editing session if you decide you need things added or changed within the content.

     To contact me about my services, email me at

    All clients will be required to sign a contract detailing the minimum length of our partnership, the agreed-upon payment amount, and the minimum amount of hours and pay per week.

     *I do reserve the right to choose my clients based on what I deem appropriate for my business and business standards.


    1. Ugh maybe after the holidays, I spent a little too much money Christmas shopping.

    2. If you are looking for someone who will do good work, Kristin is your lady! I have seen her work and it is outstanding!!

      1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet and I appreciate you!