A Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts Round-Up (For Him and Her) | Gift Ideas for Valentine's and Galentine's Day

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If you are looking for the perfect gift for your significant other for Valentine's Day, or a gift for your friend for Galentine's Day, you're in the right place. Find creative, budget-friendly Valentine's and Galentine's gift ideas today on The Peculiar Treasure.

The 10 Best Hashtags and Accounts to Follow on Instagram for Christian Women

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Social media can be a positive place that fosters growth in our faith if we choose to follow accounts and hashtags that point us towards God. Not sure how to make that happen? Find my pick for the 10 best hashtags and Instagram accounts for Christian women to follow on Instagram today!

How to Live a Healthier Lifestyle | 5 Easy Ways to Be Healthy This Year

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Getting healthy is a long-term process and a forever journey, but there are simple steps we can take to be healthier this year. Learn 5 easy ways to be healthier this year today on The Peculiar Treasure.

How to Savor Christ This Christmas Season | 4 Tips For Putting Christ First This Holiday

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Christmas seems to come and go in the blink of an eye. Advent is here and we are all anticipating Christmas day, but how can we make sure that while the holiday season is here we are savoring Christ and putting Him first? How can we start slowing down and making Christ the center of Christmas in an active and intentional way? Learn 4 tips for putting Christ first this Christmas season.

The Ultimate Coffee-Lover's Gift Guide | Gifts That Every Coffee Fanatic Will Love

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Do you love coffee? Do you know someone who loves coffee? Are you looking for the perfect gifts for the coffee-lover in your life? Find the perfect coffee gifts here for yourself or your coffee-lover friends.

The Best Christian Books for Women (And Why You Need to Read Them)

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Are you looking for an excellent, theologically sound, and engaging book to help you grow in your faith? Finding good books that are filled with truth and are helpful in aiding our spiritual growth can seem daunting, but there are so many good ones out there. Find great Christian books for Christian women in today's post on The Peculiar Treasure!

Is It Always Wrong to Judge? | How Judging Can Be Good

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Is it always wrong to judge people? Should a Christian ever judge? What is the difference between sinful judging and righteous judging? Learn what the Bible has to say about judgement and discernment today.