What Is Biblical Wisdom? | 5 Truths About Biblical Wisdom

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The Bible constantly encourages us to walk in the wisdom of God - Biblical wisdom. But what is Biblical wisdom and what does it take to walk in it? Learn five truths about Biblical wisdom today!

10 Empowering Truths for Christians | 10 Truths That Define a Christian

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10 Empowering Truths for Christians

Once we become Christians, we are no longer defined by our sins or our past life. Instead, we can cling to the empowering truths God has for us. We are defined by Christ, His love, and the truths that are found in His Word. Learn these 10 empowering truths for Christians today.

How to Find Christian Community | 5 Ways to Find Christian Community

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Christian community is incredibly important for the Christian life. But finding a godly, Christian community can be difficult sometimes. What is Christian community and how can you find it? Learn how to find a great Christian Community to help you in your walk with God today. 

What Is the Gospel? | Learning What It Really Means to Believe the Gospel

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The gospel is the foundation for Christianity, and without it, there is no salvation. The gospel is made clear to us in Scripture. What is the gospel and how does the Bible define it? Learn what the gospel really is today.

Should Christians Manifest Their Dreams? | The Problem with Christians Manifesting

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Manifesting has taken off and become a very popular buzz-word these days. The ability to control our destiny and achieve our goals through visualizing what we want is an appealing notion - but is it Christ-like? Should Christians manifest their dreams, or is there a better option? Learn why Christians should not be manifesting today on The Peculiar Treasure.

How to Live Free In Christ | Wild and Free Book Review

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God calls us to live free in Christ. He calls us to be wild and free in our identities in Him. But what does it mean to live a wild and free Christian life? What does it mean to really be free in Christ? Learn how to live free in Christ today.

A Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts Round-Up (For Him and Her) | Gift Ideas for Valentine's and Galentine's Day

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If you are looking for the perfect gift for your significant other for Valentine's Day, or a gift for your friend for Galentine's Day, you're in the right place. Find creative, budget-friendly Valentine's and Galentine's gift ideas today on The Peculiar Treasure.