5 Free Online Christian Resources To Check Out While You Are Stuck at Home

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Are you looking for solid, Christian resources to help you grow in your faith while you are stuck at home? Check out these 5 online Christian resources and activities today!

5 Free Online Resources for Christians Who are Stuck at Home

As I write this post, many people all over the world are stuck at home because of COVID-19. Schools, churches, gyms, and many businesses have been forced to either close completely or move to online services only. However, even in times when the world is thriving, many people are stuck at home for various reasons. This is why there is always going to be a need for online Christian resources that can help women grow in their faith when they are stuck at home. 

So today I am sharing 5 online Christian resources to check out while you are stuck at home. 

5 Online Christian Resources To Check Out While You Are Stuck at Home

5 Free online christian resources

Crosspointe Church

I'm a little bit biased since this is my church, but I highly recommend checking out Crosspointe Church's live-stream of Sunday morning services (10:30 A.M., EST) if you don't have a church or if your church doesn't do live-streaming. Crosspointe is a theologically-solid church with excellent preaching (thanks, pastor Brad!). You can find Crosspointe's live-stream here.

Crosspointe is also workiing through a 31-day prayer guide that they are encouraging other believer's to participate in as well: "This guide looks at a different [scripture] passage each day for 31 days, and we encourage you to pray through it with us for 15 minutes a day. Pray with your spouse, family, room-mates, or others via technology." You can find the 31-day prayer guide here.

Catechesis Books Free Coloring Pages

My friend Renee shared on her Instagram that she was using this resource with her kids. Catechesis Books is offering free, Bible-based color sheets for kids. This allows your kids to color, and you can use the pages to teach them more about the Bible. You can find FREE coloring pages from Catechesis Books here.

Sojo Academy

Sojo Academy is a monthly membership for Christian women that provides a practical, streamlined spiritual growth plan. Right now, Sojo is offering a free trial membership into the group, as well as several different devotionals and events that are free to the public, regardless of membership.

Full-disclosure, I am a community manager for Sojo, so again, maybe I am a little biased. However, I truly believe that Sojo Academy is a great resource for women who want to find an online Christian community and be pushed closer to Christ.

Free E-Books from Desiring God

Desiring God has a lot of e-books on their website that they give away for free. You can check out the list of book titles here, and while not all of them are free, many of them are. This is an excellent resource for anyone stuck at home.

Ligonier Ministries

For the first time ever (because of the Coronavirus) Ligonier Ministries has opened up their entire library of teaching series! The teaching library will be opened to the public until at least June 30th, 2020. However, even when those close, Ligonier always has some resources for free, which you can find by searching the Ligonier website.

I hope these resources encourage you in your faith while you are stuck at home! Keep on trusting the Lord and know that He is always good, always sovereign, and always has a plan.

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The Best Year-Long Bible Reading Plans

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Using a daily Bible reading plan can help you stay on track and help you grow in your walk with God. Check out the best year-long Bible reading plans today.

Read through the Bible Plan

I like to read the Bible, and I like to learn more and grow in my walk with God. But I am also a slow reader and struggle to be disciplined when it comes to reading God's word everyday. And while I don't believe that a person has to read a certain amount per day, or that they need to finish the whole Bible in a certain length of time, I recognize that having a plan helps most people. Having a Bible reading plan is a smart, focused way for a Christian to grow in their faith.

Having a Bible reading plan looks different for the individual Christian. Some people need a "Bible in one year" plan. Others simply need a plan that will get them in the Word everyday, regardless of how much or little they may read on a given day. For me, I never dive into a plan that is for reading the Bible in one year, because I am such a slow reader that the task is too much for me to handle. Then, when I fail, I get bummed out and give up. But for some people, the challenge of reading the Bible in a year (or less) is exactly what gets them reading more consistently.

Whichever category you fit into, the point is not who reads the most or who reads the fastest. The point is communion with God and making sure that it is a daily priority. So today, I am sharing a few Bible reading plans that can help you get in the word daily so that you can grow in your walk with God and know Him more.

Year-long Bible study plans

The Best Year-Long Bible Reading Plans

Word to Worship by Amy Gannett

I follow Amy on Instagram and I am so encouraged by her. I also really wish we could hang out in real life, because she seems like my kind of person, ya know?
Amy wants to help women get in the word of God every day, so she created a plan to help us do just that. Get the Word to Worship plan here.

Daily Biblical Reflections by Alastair Roberts

My husband has been listening to these Youtube readings by Alastair Roberts since the start of the new year. Though Alistair Roberts has more of a theologian brain than I do, the nice thing about these videos is that he reads the entire passage to you and then gives a commentary on it. He does this with both the Old and New Testament readings each day. That way, if you would like to hear commentary on the verses, it's there for you, but if you want to go straight from the OT reading to the NT reading, you can just skip past the commentary and still get the Bible reading. Plus, if you like awesome accents, this will be a treat!

The Read the Bible Plan with Crossway and The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition and Crossway have partnered together to create a Bible reading plan for 2020. Despite the fact that this is a dated plan (meaning it technically starts January 1st, 2020 and ends December 31st, 2020), you could still do it at your own pace, or from whatever day you decide to start. There are also other resources they've provided to go along side this plan, which you can find in this Gospel Coalition blog post.

5 Day Bible Reading Plan by Lower Lights Publication

My pastor suggested this reading plan. It's what he is using and what other members of our church are using. The benefit of this plan is that it's only 5 days a week, so you can use the weekends to catch up if you miss a weekday. A friend at church told me that this feature has been helpful for her.

Read Your Bible

Friends, whether you choose a Bible reading plan or you choose to read at your own pace completely, please be in the Word of God. It takes discipline and patience and endurance, but God's Word is alive and active (Hebrews 4:12) and really does transform us. Let us rely on God's strength and ask Him to help us. Let us commit our time to Him and remember it's importance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I only start a Bible reading plan in the new year?
A: Bible reading plans can be started at any time. Even a "read the Bible in a year" plan can be adjusted to your timeline and done in one year from whenever you started. Sure, the days may be off, but it's still accomplishing the same thing.

Q: What if I miss a day of reading?
A: If you miss a day of your Bible reading plan, you can either read extra the next day to catch up, or you can simply be a day "behind". Again, the point of a Bible reading plan is not to achieve a certain mark. The goal is communion with God and you can have this whether or not you have missed days on your plan. Each day is fresh with mercy (Lamentations 3:22-23). Catch up, or start from where you left off, and just spend time with your Creator.

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