Narnia and my own dialogue

Thursday, February 23, 2012

“Child,” said Asland, “do you really need to know that? Come, I am opening the door in the sky.”
Continued off of that…….
“Well, I suppose I don’t need to know, Asland, but I would like to.” I paused. The Great Lion stood before me perfect, miraculous, and strong.
“Why, my child? Why do you want to know?”
“I’m afraid. I’m afraid it won’t be what I think. That it won’t be as spectacular, and that I will wish I had stayed here. But if I knew, if you’d tell me, I wouldn’t have to fear. I would know what was coming, and I would know what to expect. I could anticipate everything, and make the unknown irrelevant.”
“Trust me.”
“I do. I really d…….”
“Trust me my child! Have I not told you all that you need to know? Have I not promised you no tears, no pain, only love? Trust me.”

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