The things we learn...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
In the past two days, I haven't had the greatest time ever (I've been grumpy and tired), but I have had a fairly productive time reading my book. This past chapter I was reading was about being positive no matter what is going on around us. How serendipitous that I didn't realize how incredibly relevant that was until just now! Being positive has to be a constant choice. Its not a hobby like knitting or disc golf. One day of negativity can lead to a lifetime of negativity. We must constantly choose to "think on what is pure and lovely" (Phil. 4:8), and to believe God for the good He promises us; the good hope and future (Jer. 29:11). We also must believe that God wants to give us good things, "For if our earthly fathers know how to give good gifts, how much more does our Father in Heaven give good things to those who ask Him" (Matt. 7:11).
This is certainly not anything that I have mastered. In fact, I'm far from it, but that is what I have been learning from Battlefield of the Mind, and I am sure I will learn more in the next chapter that is titled, "Mind-binding Spirits". I look forward to learning, but I am sure it'll be a toughie, since I'm starting to get more into the heart of the book. However, as the dad on Good Luck Charlie would say (yes, I am quoting Disney channel :p ), "Sometimes the right decision can feel like the wrong decision and sometimes the hard decision is the right decision". It's really scary for me to have to deal with the battle in my mind sometimes; there is always that mysterious factor of the unknown. We are never sure what God will do, where God will take us, or what God will ask of us in order for our healing to come, and that's terrifying (to anyone who lacks a sense of adventure as I do, anyway. haha). Scary, as the folks at Disney suggest,however, doesn't mean bad. The hard decision for me is to push forward and allow God to work instead of ignoring my negative and lied to mind. But you know what? The outcome, the healing, will be worth it; God works all things for our good, for His glory. God wants to give us good things, if we will just accept that fact and accept His generous blessings. :)

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