Be Aware

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Always be alert, aware that God can speak to you at any moment,
Always be alert and know that the devil will sneak in and whisper lies at a moment when your guard is down.
Fill yourself with God's word, and be aware of HIS voice, and be aware of what the enemy's voice sounds like too.
Dismiss the voice of the devil; embrace the voice of God.

People tend to skim over the fact that, fairly commonly, God will speak to us in the most unique ways, at the most random times. We need to listen for His voice and be aware that whether it is at 1am or 5pm, God speaks, and we must listen. And when we hear, we must believe and obey.
However, the tricky part is that Satan, the deceiver, will also whisper words to us at any given time. His words, conversely, are lies. They accuse, they cause doubt (of God, of yourself, of your situation, of God's will, etc.), they leave you feeling empty. We must be aware of these things too. We must learn to tell the difference and act accordingly.
This is done by the word of God (which I must confess I have not been arming myself with very well). When we soak up God's word, we learn more about who God is, how He acts, how He speaks, and what He sounds like. We also learn how to pick out that conniving devil, and to know that something is from him, if it doesn't match up with the rest of scripture/the character of God. Ask God to use His Holy Spirit for help in this. We all need it!
As Christians, we should all be keeping each other accountable for EVERYTHING. We should help each other remember to stay in the Word daily, and encourage each other to learn more of the voice of God, and who God is. Reading God's word is an integral part of all of the Christian walk, but it is particularly essential when distinguishing truth from lie. "Just because you think, feel, or decide something does not mean it is from God!" (Pastor Josh Cole, Providence Church, Clyde, NC).

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