Salmon Patties

Monday, January 28, 2013
Tonight I really wanted something different, but still healthy. I remembered that I had two cans of Salmon in my cabinet and I Google-searched ways to cook canned salmon.
I stumbled across a recipe for Salmon Patties that simply called for 1 egg, 2 cans of salmon, bread (I used whole wheat, 40 calories/slice), and onions.
You simply mix salmon, bread (as much as you want or that it takes to make the patties stick together. I used 3 slices), the egg and the onion in a mixing bowl. I added some chopped spinach as well (I think it was a good addition). Add salt and pepper to taste.
After it is all thoroughly mixed, make four patties out of what you have mixed together in the bowl.
Pan fry each patty on high in fat free cooking spray until they are browned on each side.
Each patty comes to a total of 185 calories.
They were fabulously yummy, but there was one small problem....they would NOT stay together in a patty. I ended up just doing it like a stir-fry. It was still yummy, it just didn't look as pretty :p

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