Short prayer

Thursday, September 4, 2014
God in Heaven, I thank you for this day and everything that you have given me and done for me.
I thank you for your mercy, love and forgiveness and peace. Teach me and help me receive all those things in the ways that they were meant to be.
God, please be with our bible study group. Please lead us in the way we should go in this transition and guide whoever is called to lead and help them to step up. Help us not to break fellowship with our group because of this transition.
Please also be with my family and help them. Lead them in your truth and help them to know your will and do it.
I ask and pray all of this in Jesus' name, in and through the faith and trust I asked you to fill me with, and all the same ways alone truly, of and to You alone truly, God in Heaven, thank You. Help me. Amen.

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