Birthday Festivities

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yesterday was my birthday, but Taylor decided to celebrate with me on Monday and then do a family and friends party last night.

When Taylor got off of work Monday afternoon, I was ready for the "surprise date" he had promised. All I knew was that I should looked nice, but not fancy; and it didn't matter if I wore comfy shoes.
When Taylor got home he blind-folded me and put me in the car. He got me a snack because he said we wouldn't be eating for a little while, and then we hit the road.

We drove for about an hour and a half. We sang and talked and had a great ride, but I was definitely confused as to where we were going. When we finally parked the car, Taylor told me to leave my blind fold on but to get out of the car.

When I got out, someone took off my blindfold.....and lo and behold! It was my mom! Then, behind my mom, I saw my Nana and Grandaddy getting out of the car!


The only thing that would have made it better is if my dad and brother had been able to come too, but I am not complaining. It made me so incredibly happy!

We ate dinner together at Applebees. It was so incredible to see them! Nana hasn't made a trip that long since she had her stroke a year ago. I am so grateful that she took her first trip to see me! It was rough on her, but she did great!

I cannot express how much all of this meant to me. I really missed seeing my family for my birthday last year. It just wasn't the same and I had been feeling really sad that it was going to happen again...but thanks to my husband being in cahoots with my mom and grandparents, I didn't have to go through that again.

After we ate, Taylor and I had to hit the road since I had to open at work the next morning. It was hard saying goodbye, but again, I am just so glad they were there!
Taylor gave me my present that night too. It was one of my favorite Willow
 Tree figurines. He had given me one when we were dating and now I have one for our marriage :)

Taylor and I watched and episode of Royal Pains and then went to bed.

The next morning I went to work and it was very peaceful. It was raining outside and fairly stormy. Due to the weather, there wasn't much business so I read my bible and had a cup of pumpkin coffee. That's always good :)

After I got off, I drove home, listening to Christmas music the whole way (yes, I know it's October). I spent the afternoon doing a little research, eating lo mein, and watching Netflix.

My family and friends birthday party started at six. Taylor's parents and grandmother (Bobonne) arrived first and brought a pretty extravagant (and delicious) ice cream bar and a pretty, decorated cake to go along with the make-you-own-pizza station that Taylor and I had put together.

Quite a few friends from bible study came, along with a few people that Taylor and I went to Montreat with. It was wonderful. We made pizza, ate cake and ice cream, talked, and played loaded questions. It was such a great night!

To everyone who partook in the birthday festivities or called/texted/facebooked me to tell me happy birthday. thank you! I appreciate it!

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