Good Morning

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Good morning, all!

I have not been online in a week because I have been so sick. I basically had "almost pneumonia". That's the best way I know how to describe it. The symptoms were not full-blown and I was told I wasn't contagious, but it was still really bad. I sat on  the couch for four days. Coffee didn't even taste good, which definitely means I was sick! ;)

Anyway, I'm still recovering but I feel WAY better than I did and its nice to be able to cook dinner without feeling like I ran a marathon!

This morning I am heading to work in a few minutes. Tonight is Bible study night which is always really good. We have such a great group of people!

This post is very random but I just wanted to update everyone, say good morning, and I will finish with a prayer. Hopefully it will encourage someone...


God in Heaven, I thank you for this day and everything you have given me and done for me.
Thank you that I am feeling better and thank you for my job. Thank you for the passions you have placed in my heart for writing and lead me in the way I should go to take hold of that.
Please forgive me, help me, heal me, purify me, and correct me for all my sins, all against you Father God in Heaven, and for all I need continuously. Help me be a light for you and know and do your will in all things, at all times, in every way, always and no matter what.
Please help me to be a witness for you at work, God in Heaven, and help me keep a godly attitude regardless of what is surrounding me. Help me to love my co-workers and the customers with a love that comes from you.
Be with my family and lead them in every part of life. Guide them where they need guidance, comfort where they need comfort, peace and love and wisdom where they need it, God in Heaven.
Please be with Taylor at work and help him to enrich the minds of the students, and help him to show them you as well, God in Heaven. Help a life to come to you through Taylor and help him to be aware of their needs and help where he should.
Lead us and guide us both in that way through your Holy Spirit, God in Heaven.
God in Heaven, I also ask that you will please help me (and all your children) never to twist, misinterpret, or misapply your truth, will, word, spirit, etc. and not make anything into something its not, or make, think or believe you are saying something you aren't or that something is from you that isn't God in Heaven, or vice versa. And help me not to do any of these things in any way, shape or form, in anything, at any time, or in any way, God in Heaven, and help me to know the truth, know lies, know the difference, and believe, accept, receive, act, and obey accordingly with anything and everything specifically that I need or struggle with in all of those ways, God in Heaven, and with anything and everything else in life as well in all those ways.
Help us to lay down all idols at your feet and please take care of idols in my life in the ways that I always ask, if you are willing, God in Heaven. Help us to surrender all to you. Move forward in life in the ways we should, and know, know how to, and take the most glorifying to you next step in our lives each step of the way.
Please be with every prayer request, all I need to ask and pray, and all that I always ask, pray, have on my heart and mind, and desire for you to help me with and do for me always, God in Heaven, all in general, all specifically, and including all of the "includings" both new, old, and added on in every way, in all things.
Please protect and keep everyone safe today.
Please guard my thought life, my words and my actions.
Help me trust you always to do what I have asked of you. Forgive me for having so little faith sometimes. Correct that in me. Please do for me and help me with all I've asked in all those ways, and help me to have faith in your for that like I should.
Thank you for everything, God in Heaven, and I ask and pray all I have today, and everyday, and always in Jesus' name, in and through the faith and trust I've asked you to continuously fill me with, God in Heaven, keep doing so please, of and to you alone always, God in Heaven, amen.

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