Gingerbread Houses at the Grove Park Inn

Sunday, November 30, 2014
Don't you just love making gingerbread houses near Christmas time? I do! I remember one time, me, my mom and my brother made a little gingerbread village and strung Christmas lights inside the gingerbread houses. We set it up on a shelf and displayed it until Christmas was over. It was so cute! 

Since I came to the mountains five years ago, I discovered that the Grove Park Inn (a beautiful, fancy-pants resort/spa in Asheville, NC) has a gingerbread house competition every year. It really is fantastic. There are several different categories to compete in: adult, teen, and youth. People from all over the South-East enter their gingerbread masterpieces.

Last week, me, Taylor, and our friend Jess all went to see the houses. Jess had never been before, so I was so glad we were able to share that with her. It was so much fun! There is always such stunning creativity on display at this event. One of my favorites this year was the Narnia "house".....ok, so it isn't really a house (many aren't), but the point is that it is made of gingerbread and candy ;)

The house below was another favorite. I'd love to live there ;)'s a few more

After we looked at the houses, Jess was kind enough to take some Christmas pictures of me and Taylor. We had a lot of fun :)

We wanted to take a few with the dogs too, but we decided that that was an adventure for another day!

Jess and I got Taylor to take a few of us together too.

She's such a beautiful person on the inside and out. Such a sweet friend that I love and cherish.

Now that I've seen all the gingerbread houses and the Grove Park, I'm ready to build my own! Taylor and I are going to hopefully work on ours tomorrow night :D

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