Tuesday, November 11, 2014
God in Heaven,
Thank you for this day and all that you have done for me and blessed me with. Thank you for Taylor, my inlaws, my parents, brother, and grandparents, and all my other family. Thank you for my friends, for Bible study, for loving me when I am ridiculous, when I'm sinful, and when I am ignorant.
Help me to truly receive your love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, patience, peace, and all else you offer me.
Please help me to know your truth, your voice, your will, God in Heaven, from lies, from wrong thinking, from other voices, from things that aren't you, or from you God in Heaven. Help me truly recognize and know the truth, recognize and know the difference, and believe, accept, receive, act on, obey, live, and move forward accordingly and correctly; knowing, knowing how to, and taking the most glorifying to you next step in every part of life for the rest of my life, always and no matter what. Help me also not to twist, misiterpret, misapply, or think something is you or from you or your voice that isn't God in Heaven, or think something is not you or not from you or not your voice that actually is, God in Heaven...and again, help me know the truth, know the difference, and live and do all those things accordingly, God in Heaven. Please do all of this for me FULLY. I desparately need you and need your help not to believe lies, and your help to know the truth, and firmly believe it, dissmissing lies every single day of my life, but particularly now, as I wait for my medication to get straightened out.
Please help me God in Heaven and please do all this for me in all those ways with all the things I struggle with, and with everything in life.
Be with all the prayer requests.
Take care of all of those things and all I always ask, pray, have on my heart and mind, and desire for you to help me with and do for me all in general, all specifically, including all the includings, and all the new and added on includings as well.
And help me to be a light for you in all things. Help me, God in Heaven.
Be with Zach during his interview and Challice during hers this morning. Your will be done in those things and in everything, but if its pleasing to you and best for them, please grant them these jobs.
I ask all these things, as well as that youll forgive me, help me, heal me, and purify me in every way I need it continuously, God in Heaven, in Jesus' name, in and through the faith and trust I've asked you to fill me with, God in Heaven, and meet me where I'm at, forgive my doubts, honor and answer my prayers despite my weakness and lack, continually through Jesus Christ and the faith I do have, small as it may be. Of and to you alone truly I ask and pray all these things in expectation and trust in you, God in Heaven, amen.

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