Blue Ridge Chicks and Chimney Rock

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Last Saturday was a whirl-wind. I was so busy all day, but it was packed with a lot of great stuff!

The day started off with hanging out with Jess. She took me to a place in Canton, NC called Blue Ridge Chicks. And let me just say, this place was awesome! We walked into the store 45 minutes after it opened and there was already a line wrapped around the store. Half their merchandise was already wiped out!

Jess explained to me that the two ladies who own the store make a lot of the merchandise themselves, and the things that they don't make are handmade by local artists (or purchased locally). They had all kinds of stuff: furniture, clothes, accessories, signs/plaques, blankets, kitchen accessories, homemade soaps, Christmas decor, and probably more before we got there!

Another really cool thing is that the ladies who own the business were very young. I think they were probably 30, at most. They were both extremely sweet and personable, despite the long line of people they had to help. It also seemed, based on their decor and merchandise, that they are Christian ladies, which is even better!

I cannot say enough good about them! Knowing that most (or all...I'm not sure) of their merchandise is local, I wish I could get my crocheting and candles on with them. Maybe, but they may have plenty of consignment already. A girl can hope ;)

Anyway, Jess and I had a great time looking through the shop and buying Christmas presents for people (and a few things for ourselves. haha).

The table pictured was only $22. I bought it :D
Earrings, Hat and Flannel Shirt. Total Price= $26

Their shopping bags were even adorable!
If anyone is interested in checking out Blue Ridge Chicks, visit their Facebook page here.

After Jess dropped me off at home, I changed clothes, hopped in my car, and drove to Chimney Rock, NC. My friend Grace (one of my best friend's from high school) and her awesome sister, Hannah, were meeting me there. Chimney Rock is our halfway point between Waynesville and Grace's in-law's house.

We met at a coffee shop called Carolina Moon. It was also a gift shop. The coffee (well, my pumpkin chai) was yummy and they had some pretty stuff, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as the place to go. 

After coffee, we walked around Chimney Rock and went into the little shops. They were cute. There was one country store in particular that I loved. I wish I could remember the name of it....

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These always remind me of my mom. She loves them :)
After walking around, we went to a restaurant overlooking Lake Lure. I got the creamy corn crab bisque, and oh man! That was some of the most delicious bisque I've ever had! I have been craving it ever since.

After we ate, I drove home to put the final touches on Challice's online bridal shower. Since Challice is in NY and most of her friends are in the South, we had to throw the shower online and a friend suggested I use a blog to do so. This actually worked out well.

The shower was small because a lot of people were traveling back from their Thanksgiving destinations, but it was still a lot of fun. We played games, gave ideas for traditions to start with her future husband, and gave advice to the bride.

I'm not claiming that my work was amazing or anything, but I thought it turned out to be pretty cute :)

After the shower, my busy day was done and I slept like a baby :)

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