Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Thursday, December 18, 2014

 So, most of you know that I'm just a little bit obsessed with that wonderful beverage that keeps on giving: coffee!
I've been obsessed ever since high school. I spent my summers in my room, reading books, and drinking multiple cups of coffee. Those were the days ;)

When I got to college, I wouldn't have been able to function without my morning cup of joe. My roommate and good friend, MK, was not a coffee drinker, but looked forward to my morning "alarm", which consisted of the coffee pot turning on and brewing up it's magic.

Then Taylor, Bri and I discovered The Drip, an awesome, very authentic coffee shop in Black Mountain, NC. It was the Montreat College studying hot-spot. My favorite professor even called The Drip his office. We had all our student-adviser meetings there, and it was very rare to spend an afternoon there without seeing Dr. King stroll through to get his coffee.

When I was on college breaks, my mom and I would get up every morning and have coffee together. We'd sit and talk for about an hour and just enjoy the calm and quiet of the morning. This is still a tradition whenever I make it home for a visit.

Now, as a twenty-four year old, married, college graduate, I still get up every single morning for my two cups of coffee. My fridge is always stocked with creamer, and if we run out, its a serious matter! I have successfully convinced my husband (most mornings) that he wants to get up and have coffee with me to start the day.

Now, after all this rambling, here's my point:
Coffee represents coziness, family, love, and enjoyment to me. It's something to be shared with those you love, to make memories that may seem insignificant to others, but are precious to you.

Find something you enjoy that bonds you with others; that makes sweet memories. Some people do this through exercising (God bless em'), or through afternoon tea. Whatever it is, cherish each moment. Life flies by so quickly that we need to be appreciative of even the smallest things, like waking up to the smell  of coffee with MK our freshman year, or studying at the drip with Bri and Taylor. While these things were happening, they were just another part of the day, but now I realize what incredible blessings they were. That's really how we should view all of life. Through the lens of appreciation.

So go enjoy something simple today. Cherish it, make memories, and bring someone awesome along for the ride!

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