Morning Prayer

Tuesday, December 16, 2014
God in Heaven,
Thank you for this day and all you've given us.
Please protect everyone today and keep us all safe.
Help us all be a light for you, know and do your will, and be a witness for you in all we say and do, God in Heaven.
Help us never twist, misapply or misinterpret anything, or think something is of and from you, your voice, you, or something you are saying that isn't, or vice versa, Father God in Heaven, in any way, shape or form, in anything or at any time. Help me know the truth in each situation in life, in all things, not believe lies, know the difference, and accept, believe, live, and obey accordingly, God in Heaven, with anything and everything that I struggle with, in all those ways, and with anything and everything else in life too, in all those ways, God in Heaven.
Please do all that for me and help me to trust you for that, and help me with that for all that I ask and pray always.
Please be with all the prayer requests. Please be with all those who are hurting, lonely, confused, angry, etc. Help us all with our struggles and help those of us who belong to you be mindful of others and help them through.
Help us put you first and love you for who you are, not for what you do, and not just when we get what we want.
Please be with all my friends who are traveling.
Help me be a good steward of all you've given me: my mind, my body, my house, my relationships, my soul. Help me take care of all of this as I should.
Forgive, help, heal, purify and correct me in every way I need it; for all my sins, all against you, and all I struggle with in my life, Lord God in Heaven, and do so continuously, every second of my life.
God in Heaven, I ask and pray all of these things with faith in you, in and through the faith I have asked you to constantly fill me with, and in the name of Jesus Christ alone always, thank you, God in Heaven, amen.

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