Wednesday, December 31, 2014
I know its after the 1st, but I figured I'd still share my resolutions with everyone. In my last post about resolutions, I shared what helps me keep goals, and encouraged you to figure out what helps you do the same.

This year Taylor and I are very motivated about a few things, but we know we have to remain motivated in order to get anywhere with our plans. This will be a challenge for us because, honestly, me and Taylor are most content when we watch Netflix all day..... yeah.

So, here's the list we have concocted. We hope to accomplish our goals this year.

1. Save Money
 Taylor really wants to go to seminary in the Fall, but that requires money... and lots of it. Our goal is to figure out how not to live paycheck to paycheck. I have some debt and Taylor has a car payment, plus our normal bills, so we always feel like we are just barely scraping by (and that's on a good month). So, our goal is to set aside money each month to put in savings; even if it's just a dollar some months.

2. Lose 50 lbs.

 Taylor and I have both gained a lot of weight since we met. I've gained almost exactly 100 lbs. and he has gained around 80 lbs. I personally need to lose all 100 lbs. but I know that I cannot do that in one year, so I've decided to aim for 50 for the year. Taylor just needs to lose 50 or 60 lbs, so we figured we could both aim for 50 lbs in 2015. It will be extremely difficult, considering our love for fast food and sweets, but it must be done. Diabetes runs in both our families, and heart and blood pressure issues are rampant in mine.
I'm tired of looking in the mirror and never feeling pretty, and I'm tired of always feeling sluggish and weak. I'm tired of thinking back to my basketball days and wondering what happened to that thin, strong, in-shape girl. I'm very ready for a change.

3.) Spend time with God
  I pray everyday, but I never just sit and read my bible. I know that my mind, heart, and anxieties would be much better off for spending time in God's word; plus, I need to be spending time with God just for who he is too! I avoid him because I'd rather be doing other things, or he may challenge me, or whatever. You fill in the blank.... whatever you come up with, I've probably used it as an excuse. And I use to love to sit and read the bible. One summer in high school, I had disciplined myself to the point that I wasn't allowed to do anything else before I read my bible. That'd be a good place to get back to.
Now of course, I'm not trying to be legalistic about it. I just know I need some discipline. God deserves (and calls for) all of me, not just whatever I feel like giving that day.
Thankfully, Taylor does better in this area than I do, but we still agree that both of us need to do better, and we need to be keeping each other accountable.
My goal right now is to read a Psalm every morning of the weekday. I may not read it as soon as I get up, but I think my rule will be, I cannot eat lunch until I read. This rule could change, depending on what type of job I find, but for now, this is my rule.

Alright. There you have them. Taylor and I's resolutions for the year.
What are your resolutions? I'd love to hear about them in the comment section below :)

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