Date Night and Girl's Night

Saturday, January 24, 2015
For those of you who don't know, Taylor co-coaches the JV boys basketball team at his school. This is his second year of coaching and he really enjoys it. The team is very young. They have some boys that are going to be great with some work, but right now they are learning the ropes. Most of these kids are only in 6th grade!
Last week they won their first game of the season. They had been getting very discouraged and that win was just what they needed.
Last night was homecoming for the school, so everyone was extra pumped-up and ready to win! The boys did fantastic! It was the best I had ever seen them play. They won by at least 20 points (sorry! I can't remember the exact score!) and the second string was even scoring up a storm! Great job, guys!

After the game, Taylor and I decided to have a little date. We went to a Mexican restaurant in town called El Polbre. The food is always good there, but we enjoyed it even more than usual last night. It was so good! I had a steak and cheese soft shell tortilla. It was drizzled with queso (YUM!) and had grilled onions along with the yummy beef. It really was excellent.

Freckles was excited to have all the girls over :)
After dinner, Taylor dropped me off at the house and he headed over to Wes' house for a guys night. All the ladies came over here and we watched a chick-flick. I bet our night was way cooler than their's ;)

This morning, I'm just sitting here blogging. Saturday is usually my lazy day, but I have got to get motivated. I have too much to do to just laze around all day. Grrrrr.

Happy Saturday! I hope it is a restful and fun day! How are you spending your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love tex mex anything and everything so a Mexican food themed date night is pretty much the best thing ever ;)

    Last night I went skating and then today just had a lazy day, and then tomorrow I work.


    1. It has been very good. I'm super exhausted, but it's been good. Tomorrow we have church and lunch with the in-laws, and then I plan on being very lazy and watching Netflix ;)