Home Decor: My Style

Saturday, January 31, 2015
Taylor and I both love our house! We are still learning to take care of a home like we should, and it's been a challenge since we are both two of the messiest people I know! But I love decorating and making things look pretty and I try my hardest to do just that.

I decided to post a few pictures of the decor in our house. It's nothing grand, but I love my decor because it's pretty and personal at the same time. Almost all of my decor has a meaning, or has been made by/given to me by people I love.

Flowers and Vase

I love this piece in my home. My Nana found the flowers at Hobby Lobby and mailed them to me along with the wreath she made me for Christmas. The vase was handmade by Grace Routh, one of my very best friends and the owner of The Clay Cottage. It was given to me and Taylor as a wedding gift. I love the look of these together. You can easily accomplish this same look. Find a vase you like or buy from Gracie, and then find flowers at a craft store near you (I prefer Hobby Lobby, but Michael's is a good one too).

Pastels on a Shelf

I love these accessories! I got the porcelain birds and the peacock box (which is actually a decorative storage container) at Michael's Crafts. I love the colors, the daintiness, and the size. The shelf they are sitting on was a gift from my mom. It's a five-teared corner shelf that a friend of hers found at a yard-sale for $5! What a good deal! 
I highly encourage you to look at thrift stores, yard-sales, and places like Habitat For Humanity for furniture. Not only are you supporting local people by doing so, but you will most-likely save a bunch of money!

Don't Forget Memories!

No home-decor is complete without pictures of special memories and loved ones. The picture on the shelf is from my surprise 18th birthday party. My mom did a fantastic job of getting all my girls together without me suspecting a thing. I have always loved this picture. It makes my heart happy :)
The mason jar with the lovely burlap and silk flowers sitting beside the picture frame was made by my talented mom, founder of Water Brook Handmade Crafts. Contact her on her Etsy shop if you are interested in a similar product.

I definitely have plenty more decor that I could post, but these are some of my favorites. Simple, cute, and meaningful.

What is your favorite decor style, and what are some of your favorite pieces? Comment below.


  1. Very nice. Shelf looks good. Nana will love the arrangement, as do I.

  2. I also love decor that is meaningful! Some of my favourite pieces of wall art are cards that I framed.

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

    1. I have a few cards that I have been wanting to do that with. I have about a million wedding cards sitting around from last March. Haha.