Weekend Festivities

Monday, January 12, 2015
This weekend was lazy and uneventful, just like I like em'!
Friday night Taylor had a game (he is the assistant basketball coach for his school's JV team). It was the first one I actually was able to go to this year, so I was very excited.
The team is young and small, but they are incredibly fast. I can tell they've improved since last year for sure!
After the game Taylor and I ate dinner and watched Friends on Netflix. This is the first time I've ever really watched Friends, and I am really enjoying it. It makes me laugh so hard. I personally love Pheobe and Ross. We are on Season 3 so far.

Saturday morning, Taylor and I watched more Friends, had coffee, and Taylor made us breakfast.
After being super lazy, we got up and cleaned the house together. We've been trying to organize lately, which neither of us are great at, so it takes us a while. We are getting there though.


We finished Saturday off with our friends. Taylor went over to our friend Nick's house to watch football and I had Brittany, Andria, and Brittany's friend Karen over for a movie. We watched Hairspray (the one with John Travolta, James Marsden, and Zac Efron). I love that movie! There are so many weird things about it, but that's what makes it special.... its quirkiness. Plus, have you seen James Marsden's cheek bones? Worth the entire movie ;)

Yesterday (Sunday), I was feeling pretty draggy, but I have no idea why. Clearly, the day before had not been strenuous, but I still kind of felt like I had gotten hit by a truck. My body was not cooperating and I had a headache. I stayed home from church.

By lunch time, I didn't feel wonderful, but I was better, so Taylor and I went over to his parent's house to have lunch and Taylor flipped back and forth between the Duke game and the Packer's game, because they were on at the same time. Unfortunately, Duke lost, which was the only game I really cared about, but at least the Packers won for Taylor.

We came home after the game and Taylor worked on school stuff while I wasted time on Words with Friends. I was still tired, so I headed to bed around 9:30.

What did you guys do this weekend? Comment below and let me know :)

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