Lovely Week Recap

Saturday, March 28, 2015

This week was pretty packed-full of activities. I am so thankful for fun in life and that God gives us that. He doesn't have to, but out of his deep love for us, he gives abundantly.

Last weekend there was disc golf with my man again. We had a blast. The old lady hip came out to play again, but we still really enjoyed it.

There was also lots of fun at the park with my friends, Jess and Mary Beth and my dog, Molly. We took Molly back and forth from playing in creeks, going for walks, and playing at the dog park :)

I spent the week writing, cleaning, reading in the sun, and taking Chamomile salt baths :) I also made my own rose bath salts. 

And Wednesday was bible study. We always enjoy it, but this week seemed particularly fun to me. I'm very thankful for my friends. I love that no matter where I go, I can always find wonderful God-lovers, if I only look <3 God always provides what we need if we ask.

In addition to all the awesome things mentioned above, Taylor and I also had dinner with his parents several times, I watched a movie with his mom (it was really good), and I was able to talk to my family on the phone a few times. Family time is always good!

I love talking about my week with you. It makes me realize all over again just how blessed I am. Even though I had a great week overall, Thursday and Friday weren't the best. But when I look back (even just over one week), I see all the blessings that the Lord has given and it helps bring me out of my little funk. Thank you God.

How was your week? Did you do anything exciting?


  1. You are a very blessed young woman. That is the cutest pic of Bella.

  2. Looks like a pretty fun week! I've never played disc golf--I have a feeling I'd be an utter failure at throwing a frisbee with any degree of accuracy. And some of my best and longest friends--actually, most of them--have been people I met just by attending a Bible study. :)

    1. Oh, don't get me wrong- I am TERRIBLE at disc golf! But I still have a good time.

      And yeah, we love our bible study group!