Saturday, March 14, 2015

Good morning and happy Saturday!
It occurred to me a day or so ago that I never posted about last Friday's Oreo-lympics! Shame on me!

Last Friday was National Oreo Cookie day (apparently), and Faith Community Church (a church that several of our friends attend) hosted a "Young Adult Oreo Cookie Olympics" - loving shortened to Oreo-lympics :)

To start the evening, there was hot chocolate, hot tea, three different kinds of coffee, and fried Oreos. I had never had a fried Oreo before, and I was skeptical, but they were so good! I ate way more than my fair-share of fried Oreos that night!

The leaders of the event did a wonderful job. There were different competitions for the night including "building with Oreos", "Oreo art, "Oreo chicken pocks" (hence the Oreos stuck to my face), and several others.

 I actually think my favorite game was the chicken pocks game, because Taylor and I battled head-to-head. His team beat us by one.... Booooooo!

It was such a fun evening. I got to hang out with my hubby, several of my friends, and meet some new friends too. Faith Community has been working on consistently putting on youth-adult events lately and Taylor and I have both been really impressed. What an awesome ministry opportunity!

*Photos were taken by Jessica Ponton and Will Roberts :) Thanks, guys!

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  1. This is beyond fabulous. My favorite part would have been eating them :) ps the blonde ones rock!