5 Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mother's day is quickly approaching (Sunday, May 10th), and if your mom is anything like mine, you want nothing more than to shower her with appreciation and awesome gifts on Mother's day. You want her to feel loved, cherished and important. But sometimes the gifts we want to buy, or the things we want to do just aren't feasible. In cases such as these, it's important to remember that money and distance don't have to be an issue for celebrating the women who gave birth to us.

5 budget-friendly gifts for Mom

*Make a card
Sure, Hallmark makes beautiful cards. And yes, I know, you aren't "artsy". But anyone can make a card. Just buy some pretty scrapbook paper or card-stock and cut and fold it into card-sized dimensions. This doesn't have to be precise (just make sure you can find an envelope for it). There are tons of online tutorials if you want to decorate past the design of the paper (try here). After decorating, write a personal, heartfelt note in your card. That's it. There's not scientific formula to follow. Just share your heart and let your mom know you appreciate her. And seriously, mom's love home-made-everything whether their kids are 5 or 55!

* Have a Girl's Day
If you are fortunate enough to live close to your mom, ask her to clear her calendar on Mother's day (or one day that week) and take her out for a girl's day. Get your nails done, eat lunch, go to the beach, go for a hike- whatever! Just plan something that you and your mom both enjoy. And if you are in the position to do so, don't let her pay for anything. If you cannot afford to buy anything, then plan something that won't require her shelling out money. This could be going for a stroll in your mom's favorite part of town, having a coffee date in your home, or giving each other home manicures. Whatever it is, just have fun. Your mom should love it!

*Give her flowers
Maybe it's not the most original or practical idea ever, but most mom's still love getting flowers. Whether you have a garden, live close by and can give her some of your home-grown flowers, or you live far away and need to have a bouquet sent to her, I guarantee you she'll love having those flowers making the house look and smell pretty. Just make sure you plan and call ahead if you want to have flowers sent!

*Make her a CD 
Have you and your mom always loved the same types of music? Are there songs that bring back happy memories for both of you, or that you always sing together? Make your mom a mix CD with all those songs on it. She'll probably cry happy-mommy-tears over this one....so also give her tissues.

*Make a mini-scrapbook 
If you enjoy crafts, try dabbling in scrap-booking. Start a small scrapbook, making a few pages with pictures of you and your mom from over the years. Decorate the first few pages and then tell your mom that she will periodically get new scrapbook pages from you as gifts. Just make sure to keep your word!

These gifts are just a few of many possibilities when it comes to Mother's Day gifts. But they are the ones that I personally think are best. My mom always appreciates gifts like these. Whatever you do though, as long as you are focusing on your mom's likes and enjoyments, I am sure she will love it! Happy gifting!

Do you have any winner-gifts that you defer to often? Comment below!

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  1. Great ideas and just in time! I think I'll treat my daughter with girl's day, she's about to become a mom for the second time :)

    1. Thanks! I am so glad they helped!
      And congrats! That's so special!

  2. I'm excited to surprise my mom with some handmade things this mother's day. The older I become the more I realize how awesome she is!

  3. I'm actually going to be with my mom on mother's day this year--for the first time since I was 16. I haven't decided what to do yet--writing letters tends to be a go-to for me--I also think picture-related gifts are really cool because of how much my mom loves pictures!

    1. Rachel, I LOVE picture gifts. Sometimes I'll by a 8x10 picture frame and do a picture collage or a scrapbook page and frame it. My family loves those too!

  4. Here from #HomeMattersParty
    LOve everyone of these ideas. Yes, I'm 54, and Mama still loves handmade cards from me!

  5. Great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday!