A Grateful Heart Hodge-Podge

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Being grateful for the things we have should come as second nature to us, but many times we get swept away by the stresses of life that we forgot all that we have been blessed with. Believe me, I know. I'm the worlds worst.

But ya know, we can always correct that. We can always take a minute to reflect, and thank God for all He lavishes us with.  We can always see good- something to be grateful for- even when life is at its worst.

So on this busy Monday, I challenge you to think of five things that you are truly grateful for. Reflect on them and what they mean to you, and thank God for them. And remember to praise the Giver of all good gifts, not the gifts themselves!

I am thankful for...

1.) Coffee. I am thoroughly enjoying my hazelnut coffee as I sit in bed typing            this post. Coffee isn't necessarily important (though that's debatable), but it is        still something for us to enjoy. Talk about a gift! 

2.) Our New Adventure. If all goes according to plan, Taylor and I will be                   moving to Charlotte, NC at the beginning of August. It is going to be hard to       leave our family, friends, church, and Bible study, but we feel like this is the         next step for us. Though it is bitter-sweet, I am so incredibly excited about           this new adventure.

3.) The Pool. As many of you know, I adore the water. I love looking at it,                swimming in it, and splashing in it. Since I no longer live at the beach, I try to      fill my summer with as much pool time as possible. Thankfully, there is a            nearby pool that is very nice. I am very excited to frequent it!

4.) Odd-jobs. As we are saving for this very expensive thing called seminary, we      are trying to earn as much money as possible. Taylor has been working long,        extra hours to add to those savings. I, however, am having a terrible time              finding something. But over and over again, God keeps providing small side        jobs for me to do. Truth be told, I like those better anyway. I am so thankful       for His continuous provision, despite my lack of a "real job".

5.) My husband. I am thankful for this wonderful man who lets me cry in his            arms when I am sad, anxious, or even mad at God. He let's me cry, but he still      points me back to truth and a right way a thinking. The Lord knows how              much I need that, and in His gracious gift-giving, He blessed me with a                husband who does those things without hesitation. Taylor is not perfect, but          he is a gift from the Lord- one of the best gifts I'll ever receive.

Father God in Heaven, thank you for all of these gifts. Thank you for giving me what I need, and thank you for even giving me things like coffee that I don't need, but do enjoy. Help me to always be thankful for the gifts, but never praise them. Help me always have right perspective and praise you, the Giver, God in Heaven. Thank you for knowing what I need and giving it. I love you, God in Heaven, in Jesus' name, amen.

I am joining Emily from Ember Grey in her grateful heart link-up.

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  1. I loved reading your list (coffee is VERY important) :) I've found that being grateful in some of my hardest seasons makes it SO much easier when not in those hard suffering seasons. I'm so grateful for our home, my husband & how he makes me laugh, my daughters, getting to be a stay at home mom (as hard as it can be some days), & for coffee! :) Happy Monday!

  2. PS - how exciting that you guys are starting a new adventure soon!!

  3. So you're moving to Charlotte, NC. I live in Charlotte. Been here for 17 years now. Native from NY. Anyways, loved your thankful list. The pool - my favorite too. I may just have to follow along with you now since you will be moving to my end of the world. If you have questions about the area you're moving to, drop me a line - be glad to help. You can find my email in my contact on the blog. Linking from Grateful Heart

    1. Thanks! We are excited! :)
      And my best friend is from NY. Thank you for your offer of help. I may end uo taking you up on that.

  4. Such a beautiful post and reminder to be grateful to our dear Lord! I often think of the Scripture that says, "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits". So often we do forget! And there are so many! Another place says, "He daily loadeth us with benefits"! LOADETH us!!!! He is such a great, awesome God, Who is absolutely worthy of our praise. I trust all will go well with your move, your husband's seminary, and your job situation. God is faithful! Thank you for sharing what He has placed upon your heart here. :)

  5. Good luck in your upcoming new adventure! I am sure the Lord will bless you in everything you try!

    Also, for "odd-jobs" -- If you have ever considered direct sales or if it's something that interests you, let me know. I'm with a great, unique company that I would love to share with you if that's something you feel you may be interested in. I know it's not for everyone. I just thought I'd leave it as a little suggestion as a possible way to make some income.

    Good luck in everything!

    1. Thanks, Hope. I really appreciate it. I am not really into the sales person kind of job, but thank you for offering.

  6. I live in Raleigh, NC! NC is awesome and we have great pools and coffee here, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

    I've recently been convicted about the importance of gratitude, thanks for the reminder to stop and take the time to be truly thankful for all the little things that God has blessed us with!

  7. I love the Charlotte area. I grew up in South Carolina and visited Charlotte on many occasions! Best of luck with your goals - they sound like awesome ones. :)

  8. I love that photo of you with the balloons! Best of wishes to you and your upcoming move! I think sometimes God wants to "shake things up a bit" in order for us to better understand His plans for us - your new chapter is so exciting!

    1. Thanks, Emily! We are very excited about it!
      Also, that's just a stock photo, but I thought it was cute too :)