The "Get It Together" Initiative

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

As someone who gained 100 pounds in college, I could stand to lose a few of those. And I start every day with good intentions. I eat a healthy breakfast, I drink some water, I read a health/fitness blog post or two, and then something happens. I see a food blog, a recipe, or I get a craving for Mexican food (like yesterday) and I throw all of my good intentions out the door and invite fat, calories, and grease in instead. Is this as familiar to you as it is to me?

Earlier this year, I created a group on Facebook called "Get it Together" (find it here). I started this group to encourage myself and others to eat healthy, exercise, and be accountable. The group is good for me because I never like writing that I "failed" that day, so if I stay active in the group, I have something to keep me motivated. My friend, Challice, has also been trying to do weekly challenges. One week it may be "who can drink the most water this week", the next week "who can put in the most amount of time working out". 

Right now, the group is small. However, I think it would be more effective if it grew in both size and incentive. So, starting today, June 9th, I will be opening the group up to anyone who is interested in participating. Then, on June 15th, I will launch the Get it Together Weightloss Challenge.

The weight loss challenge will last one month (June 15th-July 15th) and will be based on a point system.

Daily Participation (Up to 3 points/day)- For every day that you share in the Facebook group (this can be a picture and description of a healthy recipe you made that day, a picture/description of what your workout was that day, a picture/description of your meal plan, etc.) You get 1 point per post and you can earn up to three points per day doing this. The purpose of this is that it encourages others to follow a healthy lifestyle too. If I had been craving a burger, but I log on to our group and see that you posted a picture and recipe for a yummy salad, it will be much easier for me to gather myself and eat healthy :)

Completion of Weekly Challenges (2 points/week)- Each week, there will be a new challenge. For example, one might be: Drink 70 oz. of water at least 4 days out of the week. Whoever completes that challenge would get two points.

Weight Loss (up to 50 points)- At the beginning of this challenge, you will need to decide on a weight loss (or health) goal. For example, I hope to lose 10 pounds during this month-long challenge. If I lose all ten pounds (or more), I will get 50 points. If I lose 5 pounds, I would get 25 points.
The same goes with health goals. If your goal is to get 8 hours of sleep each nights and eat three servings of veggies every day for a month, and you do that, then you get 50 points. Just makes sure you keep track of how often you accomplish your goals so that you can post them at the end of the challenge. If sleep and veggies was your goal for the month and you slept 8 hours a night 14 days out of the month, and you ate your 3 servings of veggies 25 days out of the month, then you would report that to me and I would convert that into points :) If that confused anyone, ask me questions in the comment section below.

This will only work if people are seriously interested. If you are trying desperately to lose weight, get healthy, or simply find motivation, this group might be for you! 

Who's with me? Leave a comment below if you are interested or have any questions.

Click here to request to become a member of the "Get it Together" group and challenge.

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