You Had No Idea, Did Ya?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Yesterday, I was perusing through my Bloglovin feed, when I came across Venus Trapped in Mars' newest post. She was joining in on a link-up on a blog called Helene In-Between. The link-up is all about revealing facts about yourself that a lot of people probably never knew.

I really enjoyed reading Sarah's (author of VTIM) list, and decided I would join in on the link-up.

***Things you probably don't know about me***

*My hands look JUST LIKE my grandmother's hands (except for my thumb, which looks exactly like my mom's)- Since I am kind of obsessed with becoming just like these two wonderful women, I actually feel really special that my hands look like theirs...yeah...that's kinda weird. I know.

*I am terrified of ring-worms- When I was a kid, I got a ring-worm. The fact that there was a "squiggly worm" under my skin was incredibly traumatizing. I still cringe every time I think about it. And even though I know now that it's not really a squiggly worm, I can't help but think of it that way. Yuck!

*I still think of Satan every time I see a snake- They are gross and scary. Just like Satan. End of discussion :p

*I adore Mario Kart, Pokemon, and Harvest Moon- When I am sick, a lot of the time I will either play Harvest Moon or Pokemon, even now, at 24 years old. And whenever we go to visit my family, my mom, brother, dad, Taylor and myself always make sure we get in at least one round of Mario Kart. It's a tradition that no one plans on breaking.

*If you move the rear-view mirror in my car you.will.die- it hasn't been moved for about three years. That's because the last time someone moved it, I almost had a heart attack. It's fully an OCD thing. I absolutely cannot stand it when someone moves my mirror.

*My favorite band is The Jonas Brothers (pre-breakup)- I've always loved pop music. I guess most girls "grow out of it" and stop loving boy bands. Call my tastes under-developed if you must, but my music of choice will almost always be pop music, and the more boy-bands that are in that mix, the better! And I still think Nick is the cutest ;)

*The thing I am most attracted to about my husband (other than his love for God) are his lips. I'm sure everyone wanted to know're welcome.

*I was seriously offended when my husband said my toes weren't sexy- We were playing "The Newlywed Game" with some friends and Taylor had to name "the least sexy part of my body", or something like that. He said my toes. Most people (normal people) probably would have been like "yeah, my toes are ugly"...but I, the epitome of odd, was seriously offended that he would say my toes were not sexy. They are soooo sexy. Husband be crazy ;)

*I played basketball in high school (and scored 1,000 points in two years). Even though I went to a small Christian school, so the competition wasn't as tough, I'm still pretty proud of this one. I miss basketball (and being skinny and in-shape).

So now you know more about me than you probably ever wanted too, You are welcome. Aren't I interesting? ;)

What are some things people would be surprised to know about you?

Helene in Between


  1. This link up does sound like fun! I can totally relate to the ringworm fear. I've never had it, but there was a season when I was teaching first grade when it spread through multiple kids in my classroom and a few other teachers. I'm still not sure how I was spared! Same with lice . . . still makes me shudder!

    1. haha. You are very fortunate! I have never had lice though, so I guess I am too :)

  2. I love me some Jonas! Mainly nick though! & I LOVE my hubs lips... I'm also kind of jealous he has nice big lips & I have small ones! Ha.