Mug-Spiration Monday *Vol. 4*

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Monday, guys! Did everyone have a good holiday weekend? I sure hope so!

Today is Mug-spiration Monday, a space where we come together to embrace Mondays as fresh starts and joy-filled opportunities. I fully believe that embracing that and living that out is possible.

Some of you may be wondering why that is important. Why would I make a whole segment just about having a good Monday? Well, for days like today.

I woke up, started having coffee, and BAM! My anxiety and struggle with the lies of the Enemy hit full-force while I was trying to have my prayer time. I had wrong focus the rest of my prayer time, was worrisome, and just plain aggravated. Then I didn't get my blog post finished, I was running behind, and ended up being late for work. I still couldn't get my focus right, even after a 35 minute car ride, so I continued in the wrong attitude. It wasn't exactly what you'd call God-honoring...

And that's the thing. I think most people think of Mondays as the day I just described above (or similar). I know I can easily say, "Wow! It's been a real Monday!". Poor Monday- what did it ever do to us? ;)

But seriously, when I get in these funks, I am not only not honoring God personally, but I am also not a very good witness for Jesus. I am way more inward-focused, selfish, and grumpy than anything else- and that's not ok.

And that's why this segment is important. We need to change our outlook on Mondays, in order to set us up right for the day and the rest of the week. Can we have a grumpy, selfish, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday? Absolutely! But the point is, we tend to have such a negative attitude about Mondays that, if we learn to correct that, then surely we can correct our attitudes on other days too!

It's ok to have bad days, but we must make sure that our bad days do not flow outwardly as a burden or bad witness to others. The best way to make sure that doesn't happen is for us to control ourselves, stay positive, and move forward!

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Happy Monday, to you too!
    Sometimes it can be so hard to get back into gear, especially after a long holiday weekend. Glad you found your way out of the fun.