Worshiping Despite- A Free Playlist

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yesterday was hard. I was so stressed about eleventy-million different things: finding a house, finding a job, getting packed for the move, getting the house clean for Bible study, etc. But one thing I noticed yesterday was that I was really in the mood to sing. Since I was in a not-so-good state of mind, I figured that praise music might be the way to go. Plus, I really enjoy singing it.

When I got home from work, I had a lot of cleaning to do, but before I dove in, I sat down and made a Spotify worship playlist. I love Spotify. I feel like they do a good job of keeping the commercials to a bare minimum, they have an amazing selection to chose from, and they have folders so you can organize different playlists with exactly the songs you want on there.

When I made my playlist, I was really going for the NEEDTOBREATHE sound. I love that band and enjoy them and similar artists. This is what my playlist ended up looking like when I was finished:

Brother- NEEDTOBREATHE ( ft. Gavin Degraw)

Something Beautiful- NEEDTOBREATHE

Keep Your Eyes Open- NEEDTOBREATHE

Washed by the Water- NEEDTOBREATHE

Jesus Saves- Jeremy Camp

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)- Matt Redman

Because He Lives (Amen)- Matt Maher

Lord I Need You- Matt Maher

Hold Us Together- Matt Maher

My Lighthouse- Rend Collective

Forever Reign (live)- Hillsong Chapel

Not for a Moment (After all)- Meredith Andrews

Desert Song (live)- Hillsong Chapel

You Never Let Go- Shane and Shane

Our God is Greater- Shane and Shane

How Deep the Father's Love- Shane and Shane

It is Well (with my soul)- Hillsong Chapel

Jesus Paid it All- Shane and Shane

In Christ Alone- Shane and Shane

It is Well With My Soul (acapella)- Dave's Highway

How Can it Be- Lauren Daigle

I spent all night cleaning and packing. I was exhausted, but singing these songs from the top of my lungs while I worked made the experience exponentially better!

If you are interested in following this playlist so that you can listen to it too, click here.

What's your favorite worship song or band right now? If you don't listen to worship music, what type of music do you like?


  1. I recently got 17 Songs of Worship and it's on repeat in our car! My kids are loving learning the words and I am loving the vibe of worship music all the time.:)

  2. Love these, Kristin! I have been super into Bethel Music, Hillsong, and All Sons & Daughters lately. :) And thanks for the reminder, I like to listen to worship music throughout the day, but I forgot to turn it on this morning. And could feel my patience quickly dwindling. Thank you for the reminder to restart.

    1. For a while, I got tired of worship music because they played the same thing on the radio over and over again, but thankfully, I am back into it. I feel like there is better variety than there used to be :)

  3. I really love Rend Collective! My Lighthouse makes me so happy.

    1. I know! I feel like I'm dancing around in the ocean when I hear that song ;)

  4. This is a great list! I don't listen to many worship songs normally but I always love it when I do.

  5. This is a great list! I love Spotify, so amazing!