Mug-spiration Monday *Vol. 11*

Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Monday! :)

Before I get going on Mug-spiration Monday, I would like to take a minute to update you :)

Two weeks ago, I announced that I was going to be working at a coffee shop.
The people were super sweet and I felt like I did a pretty good job. But Taylor and I really needed me to have more hours and better pay. So when I was offered a nanny job a few days ago, I took it. I hated to quit the coffee shop, since everyone was so welcoming and I enjoy working as a barista, but I felt like this nannying position would be better for us and more laid back for me.

So I started today :)
The job is near my favorite part of Charlotte and is for one baby girl. She is napping right now, so I had a little blogging time.

On another note, one of my close friends got married yesterday!

Stephanie was my suite-mate in college and she is truly one of the most dedicated, loyal friends I've ever had. Stephanie has waited a long time for her man, and yesterday, she married him! Woot woot!

Stephanie was a gorgeous bride and her ceremony and reception was beautiful. She had it at The Ballentyne in South Charlotte, which was just perfect for her and her groom. Congrats, Steph! I love you!

Now, on to the inspiration!

I tend to think a lot about my motives. I try to do the right things in my life, but I also want to be doing them for the right reasons. That doesn't always happen, but it is important to me that my life and walk with God is always being transformed into something that isn't just going through the motions. It's important that we not only live rightly, but that we do so for the right reasons.

Doing the right thing for the right reasons can seem absolutely impossible when we are still in weekend mode, grasping for more sleep, or feeling like we need another gallon or two of coffee.

But when we are feeling like that, we can either grumble, remain in our own little grump-fest, and shuffle our feet through the day, or we can choose to perk up, smile, remember why we get up each morning, and work hard to show the grace and love to others (and to ourselves). Believe me, the second option makes for a much better day!

*Inspiration for your Monday*

Work/Creative Inspiration- This chart has some great ideas to get motivated about your day and your work. I haven't read the article, but the chart is great!

Health Inspiration- Now that Fall is approaching, try this 30 minute outdoor workout.

Spiritual Inspiration- This must be the day for charts. This one is also fantastic and very encouraging!

Have a great day, guys! I hope to be more present in the blog world now that I think I am actually starting on a consistent schedule! :) Can't wait to continue my week with all of you!


  1. What a lovely post - so sorry to hear your barista job didn't work out but great you picked up something with more hours. Love your inspirations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing that outdoor workout! I can't wait until it's cool enough to go for long walks again!

  3. Love your posts, Kristin. I will be posting your blog site on my FB page. Keep up the good work!