Why Being a Blogger is a Blessing

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Can blogging and reading blogs increase your faith? 

When I set out to blog, my mindset is to 1.) show Christ and offer encouragement to all who read my words, and 2.) to continue to increase the number of viewers my blog gets each day. These two things are always on the forefront on my mind, and often, I have to remind myself of which one is most important (hint: it's not the number of viewers).

But every single day of blogging holds so much more for me than I ever realized it would!

There's something about sitting down at my computer, typing away, that brings out the truth of God in my heart. I may not "feel" what I am writing, but when I stop for a minute and read what I have written, I realize that there is a lot more in me than just what I feel. Typing becomes a pouring out of what has been stored in me by the Lord; what a blessing that is!

In addition to that, since I am a part of a few blogging groups, I am constantly interacting with other bloggers through Facebook. And part of that interaction includes going to other blogs, reading through them, and commenting. This is part of the community building my blog groups offer.

Because of these activities, I usually read at least 3-4 other blogs per day. Some are about cooking, crafts, and day-to-day life. Those blogs are great too. But the ones that are a blessing to me personally are the faith and Christian lifestyle blogs. God has used these blogs in my life over and over again to bring about words that I desperately need to hear (whether I want to or not).

Many times, I end up reading a blog that is encouraging in a way I deeply needed to be encouraged; or I will be convicted in a way that is imperative, and maybe even surprising. And sometimes, I'll read something that maybe I'm confused about, and even if that blog post doesn't help me become less confused, somehow, it will still remind me of something comforting and helpful about God that gives me solace through my confusion. Praise the Lord!

So what's my point? My point is, I am incredibly blessed to be a blogger, and to know so many other wonderful bloggers. I get to read "devotionals" almost every day, which opens my eyes to God a little more fully each time I read one of those outstanding posts.

If you are a blogger, get involved with interactive blogging groups (particularly Christian ones). 

Bloggers, this is an awesome group!
Click here to see the group.

And if you are a reader of blogs, find some solid Christian lifestyle bloggers to follow- I would love to be one of those ;)
Finding someone to read that encourages your walk with God is such a wonderful thing. And it's all at your fingertips. Go search them out prayerfully. You won't regret it!


  1. This post totally resonates with me. I felt a "calling" to blog and help others and I know it was the workings from above. Keep up the great work!

  2. i love this post so much, its so easy to forget how lucky we are. i love blogging so much its a fantastic hobby and ive met so many lovely people in the process. id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/09/holiday-workouts-for-when-you-cant-get.html xx

  3. Such good stuff here, Kristin! I can totally relate to not feeling what I'm writing, but then realizing the same thing you have. I also agree with being involved in the blogging community on Facebook! It's inspired me and encouraged me SO much. Daily, in fact. Thank you for sharing about Blog Passion Project! Love having you in it! :)

  4. Yes! I love this community of bloggers and the beautiful ways blogging encourages others and ourselves!

  5. I love the idea of thinking of blogs as a devotional. Someone prepared a thought centered around what God wanted them to say to the world-and isn't that was a devotional is! What a cool way to look at reading blogs!

    1. Yes! I really enjoy it. I mean, yes, I have to use discernment about what they are saying, but that is true for any devotional anyway :)

  6. So true! One of my favorite things about blogging so far has been all the bloggers I'm getting to know. I learn so much from their words and the ways they run their blogs!