Do the Little Things Really Matter?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Within the circle of Christianity, we often see missionaries, preachers, and evangelists as the super-spiritual, "important" Christians. We tend to feel that our calling isn't as important as theirs and that we aren't really useful. Sure, we could stand to serve at a soup kitchen every now and then, but that's about as much as we are needed.

Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever wonder what the point is, if you aren't living in a hut somewhere in the un-reached parts of Africa? You aren't alone.

I recently heard a sermon about 1 Corinthians 16:5-11, in which Paul tells the Corinthian church that Timothy will be coming to them for a while.

The Corinthians wanted Paul to come. They wanted the strong, famous missionary, not the frail, inexperienced one (this set of verses doesn't say that, but the Corinthians tended to like "celebrity pastors"). But Paul urges the Corinthians to welcome Timothy, since he is doing God's work.

Paul realized something that many of us do not: we don't have to be in leadership position to make a big difference for the Lord. Though Timothy was still a missionary, I believe that we can take this to heart wherever we are in life.

For example, I am not a missionary. I have never been to another country and I do not know how to reach the impoverished children of foreign nations. However, I am a nanny. I take care of a precious child who needs to always know she is loved. Right now, she cannot understand what I read out of her children's Bible. But as she gets older, I will be able to teach her more and more about God and his love for her, and his plan for her life. She is just one small child, but as I grow with her and her family, what I do will make an impact.

Likewise, my mom is a farmer. She is working hard at growing a garden, taking care of her animals, and collecting eggs from her chickens and ducks. My mom has a heart to help the needy and once her small farm starts producing enough, I know she will use what she has to feed, help, and encourage the less-fortunate. She may not be able to help thousands, but she can still make a difference.

My mom and my mother-in-law are both in a stage of life right now that they are taking care of their moms (to one degree or another). It isn't easy, and sometimes it is mentally and emotionally strenuous, but they both love their moms deeply. Their mom's have given them so much through the years, and now they get to be a blessing back to them. Not only is this a witness to the outside world to take care of and honor your parents, but it also can grow that mother-daughter relationship. They may not be building orphanages in Mexico, but they are absolutely serving the Lord.

My husband is going to seminary. Right now his whole life is work and school, work and school. He doesn't have much time for anything else. But the reason he is going to seminary is so that he can eventually provide a solid, Christian education to college students, in hopes that they will be rooted more firmly in Christ as a result of having him as a teacher. Right now, life is fairly bland for him (even though he is enjoying school), but he is still serving the Lord by faithfully getting this degree that he needs, in order to make a bigger impact later in life.

So yes, the little things do matter. Whatever we do needs to be done for the Lord, to serve Him. Preachers do that, missionaries do that, but so do teachers, doctors, homemakers, farmers, and trashmen. We are all important in the kingdom of God, and each of us has the ability to show Christ to others. It's ok if you aren't reaching huge numbers of people-just reach those who are right there with you. Make a difference right where you are!

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  1. Thanks Kristin! Too often people don't understand why my family chooses to struggle financially to push through school and its because we're following a calling. And anytime we feel like calling quits, we have to remember that even these frustrating steps make a difference. No action is too small to make an impact :)

    1. Exactly! And I think God will honor that as you continue to follow Him :)

  2. I agree, every little thing does matter. Making a difference even in the littlest way is in itself huge!

  3. I feel that the little things do matter. Even if it's not a lot, it is something.

  4. very true - it's often the little things that lead the way for the bigger things!

  5. Very true. Your family has chosen the unusual path that typical people will do. But that's not without valid reason. To serve God, I think that's most important.

  6. A very good encouragement - and one that we often need to hear! I have bookmarked it as a conversation opener for around our family dinner table. Your last sentence really does bring a specific challenge: Make a difference right where you are!