Who Completes You?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Every time I turn on the radio, there are always plenty of singers singing about how their lover is all that they need. I get the sentiment, and I am a super-gushy-chick who loves love and all-things-cute, but after a while, the lyrics to these songs really bother me.

Look, I love my husband. He is a wonderful man and friend, and I am so proud of him. I cherish him. But my husband is not my everything. I am not complete because of him and he is not all I need. And he knows that.

I need God. God is the only one that can complete anyone else. God is all we need. I hope that Taylor and I grow old, wrinkly, and semi-senile together with all my heart- he is the man I love, of course I want that. But if Taylor was ever taken away from me, I would still have all I need because I have Christ. If the reverse were the case, I would be empty and would have nothing.

But why? What is it about people that make them unsuitable to be our all and everything? And what makes them so different from God?

3 Reasons People Cannot Complete Us

People Will Flake
People often don't take their word seriously. They say "oh, we should hang out sometime", or "I'd love to go for coffee!", but when we try to arrange that, they aren't interested at all. That can be really hurtful, and it makes us feel like we aren't good enough. But we must remember that people just don't get it. They usually aren't trying to be jerks. They just don't value the power of words and commitment. They don't realize the harm they are doing. Give them grace and don't put your hope in them.

People Are Selfish
Sadly, when it comes down to it, people are selfish. We can all be like that. We want to be there for someone but then something comes up that we'd rather do, or that would be more beneficial to us, and guess what we often choose... There is only One who will always be there. That is God. God will never tell us to "Hold on" so He can take a nap or go out with different friends. He is always there.

People's opinions can be wrong

Let's face it, sometimes we look to other people to answer our questions and problems. But people can be wrong. Every human is flawed, which means even the most wise person can be wrong at times. Asking someone's opinion can be helpful, but if you solely make a decision based on popular opinion, or even the opinion of someone you trust, you may end up in trouble.

It's good to seek help when you need it or are confused. Just make sure you are asking wise, godly people who you know will tell you the truth- not simply what you want to hear. And then take those answers and compare them with scripture. If a person is giving you godly advice, it will not contradict scripture.

But always remember: never make a decision or validate a decision completely by the opinion of another human being. Ultimately, God and godliness are the only real reasons to make one decision over another- and if a person is instructing you to make a decision that doesn't mesh with what God and His word say, then don't follow their advice.


Humans are imperfect. We all make mistakes, do stupid things, and hurt each other. We can never fully satisfy another human being. We are incapable.

And that is why we should never find validation in another human. We need people in our lives. They are a blessing from God and their is much benefit from their love and friendship, but when we become complete- validated- by those human relationships, we will lack joy and peace. We will lack security because those people can always decide to change their opinion of us. But God always sees us, always holds His children, and always values us, even when we fall short. So who completes you?


  1. Yes, no person can ever be the God that we need--He's completely unique, and fills a uniquely needed role in all of our lives.

  2. I agree that people should not feel that their significant other completes them. Don't get me wrong I would be upset if my significant other was taken away from me but there is life beyond them.

  3. While I'm not a particularly religious person, I also don't believe that a person can complete us! My husband is a hugely important part of my life, but he is not my WHOLE life.

    1. My husband is my favorite human person, as it should be, but I am very aware that he is not my everything. Only my savior can be that. Thanks so much for reading, Erin :)

  4. Wonderful message! It's sad when people walk away from God because a person dissappointed them.

  5. I totally agree with you. I was thinking about something similar a couple days ago.

  6. YES! That drove me crazy back when the movie Jerry Mcquire was popular and everyone loved the line where what's-her-name said Tom Cruise "completed her." Impossible! And, like you, I'm married and can testify that Jesus is the only one who can truly complete me! (though my husband can compliment me). Thanks for this.

  7. These are great points!! I'd never thought about it this way :)

    1. Thank you, Amberly! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting!

  8. This is 100% true. Something I think we all learn, forget and learn again many times in life. Watching War Room recently made me remember this truth. Thank you for sharing this important reminder!