Mug-spiration Monday *Vol. 25*

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hey guys! Happy new year and happy Monday.

I have been really sick this weekend, so it's all I can do to sit here and type, but I wanted to encourage you all with something I was just thinking about:

No matter what our day holds,
We can all be encouragers.

We may not always love Mondays.

We may not be able to solve a problem we've been dealing with.

We may not have gotten everything done over the weekend that we needed to.

But we can all choose to encourage those we come in contact with.

God gifts each of us differently. Encouragement is usually pretty easy for me, but patience is not. Taylor, however, is one of the most patient people I've ever met in my entire life, but he isn't always a verbal encourager. We are all gifted for different things, but that doesn't mean we can't also get better at our weaknesses.

So I get it if you aren't someone who naturally encourages others. But think about it: what better way to start your week than to determine that you will find a way to encourage someone you work with? I think that could turn a "blah Monday" into something excellent!

And on the flip side, if your gift is encouragement, won't you join me in practicing patience, or humility, or whatever it is that is your weak point?

We can't expect life to get better if we don't actively work to make it that way. Oh, and don't forget: God's strength is much stronger than anything we could ever do on our own.


  1. "No matter what our day holds, we can all be encouragers." I LOVE (love) this. Tweeting it!

    Coming Up Roses

  2. Ugh, writing on different sites makes it so hard to catch all your posts. But I always love reading them when I do. Encouragement is something I hear very very little. I think that's one reason why blogging has become such an addiction for me- I'm finally encouraged to keep writing, keep creating. I'm going to find ways to pay it forward today. Enjoy your coffee love and feel better soon!

  3. I love this positive message and the reminder to be an encourager, even when it doesn't come easily. Thank you!

  4. Another beautiful post! I think along with you, I need to practice patience. I was just telling Trevor the other night that I'm the most impatient person in the world. I wish I had the strength to just trust the process and stop being so impatient!

  5. I love your mug-spiration! Thank you! :)

  6. I wish I had read this before work because as a first day back at school lots of my coworkers and students could have used encouragement today.