Gardening With a Black Thumb (Favorite Things Friday)

Friday, April 15, 2016

I don't know about you, but here in North Carolina, the weather has flip-flopped so many times. Overall, it has been an absolutely gorgeous Spring, but every time I catch myself thinking, "maybe I'll start my garden this weekend", the very next day it turns cold again. I'm ready to get tan (or in my case, just get more freckles). I'm ready to plant a garden and learn how to take care of it better than I did last Spring. And I'm ready to take a trip to the beach. I know, I know. First-world problems, yo!

But in all seriousness, I really am excited to start gardening. I'm pretty bad at it though. In fact, my gardening Pinterest board is called "Gardening with a Black Thumb". I think I could be decent at it. I just don't know a whole lot yet, and I also tend to get lazy about watering. Unfortunately, neither one of those things lend themselves very well to successful gardening endeavors.

So I'm hoping this year will be different. My mom started her garden from seeds last week, and she is going to give me a few tomato, cucumber, and bell pepper plants to try. I also plan to grow cilantro and a few variations of flowers to give the garden a nice little color pop.

~I plan to use a raised bed made of cinder blocks, like this: Cinder block garden.

~I need a trellis for both the tomatoes and the cucumbers, but I have no idea what   I am going to use. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated ;)

~I may plant some lavender or marigolds, since they repel insects.

~I will also need to make a natural insecticide, because            

I think the links above will be helpful for me, and for anyone else who is newer to the gardening scene. Even though I'm not great at this, I'd encourage anyone who wants to garden to give it a try. Don't be afraid of messing up. Just put on a grungy outfit and some gloves, and get to diggin'.

Want more gardening inspiration? Here are a few articles you may find handy!

Gardening with Kids- Little Sprouts Learning

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Create a Butterfly Garden- Mosswood Connections

More All-Natural Pesticides- Bless My Weeds

I'll update you guys when I actually make a garden. Do you plan to have a garden this year? What will you plant? Comment below.


  1. gardening is supposed to be really therapeutic and also great exercise... I'd love to give it a go myself! I'd love it if you'd comment back xx

  2. As soon as we get a house I'm hoping to start gardening but we'll see how that goes sinc eI totally have a black thumb too! ;-)

    1. I'm sorry you have a black thumb, but I am so glad I'm not alone ;)

  3. I think you'd love my gardening series! It's super helpful! Lavender is such a great easy plant to have!

    1. That's awesome! I definitely could use some extra help! haha

  4. My dad keeps quite the epic suburban backyard garden but unfortunately I literally have no idea how to do one myself! I live in an apartment so I've kept small pots of herbs but when the time comes to actually having a backyard I'll be calling in the reinforcements. Good luck!

    1. Haha! Yes! You sound a lot like me. I definitely need backup!