20 Peculiar Things About the Author of The Peculiar Treasure

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

It's no surprise here at The Peculiar Treasure, that I love peculiarity. Quirkiness is something that I think enhances life in many cases, not detracts.

Sometimes we find it difficult to let the world know who we are when it comes to our little idiosyncrasies, because we worry that we will be "too much". We worry that living out our weirdness will result in rejection. But I believe that (within moderation) the peculiar things in life can be endearing, if we learn to embrace them.

So, in keeping with the idea that it's fun to laugh at ourselves and embrace our inner-weirdness, today I am sharing 20 peculiar facts about myself.

20 Peculiar Facts About Me

1.) I never grew out of Disney Channel. Wizards of Waverly Place, Phineas and Ferb, and Disney Channel Original Movies are my jam!

2.) My favorite band is the Jonas Brothers.

3.) I love fuzzy blankets year-round. Crank up that A/C in the summer!

4.) At 25 years old, I still frequently listen to N*sync, Backstreet Boys, and Hannah Montana.

5.) One of my favorite things in the world is to get in my car on a nice day, blast the aforementioned music (see #2 & #4) as loudly as possible, and drive fast with the windows down. You can find me belting out each song as if everyone on the highway needed to hear.

6.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of sunscreen. It reminds me of home.

7.) I drink way too much coffee, but I don't really care.

8.) Hot coffee only tastes good in the morning. The taste is completely different to me in the afternoon. Iced coffee is my best friend at that point.

9.) I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar...just sayin'.

10.) When I watch crime dramas, I enjoy the one's with serial killers a little bit too much. I don't know how that's possible, since I'm terrified of serial killers being in my closet when I come home from work...

11.) I seriously want a dog farm. Sure, it wouldn't make any money, but who cares? It's a dog farm! What more could a girl want?!

12.) DO NOT touch my review mirror in my car. It will take me 20 minutes to get the mirror exactly where my OCD tells me it needs to be. You've been warned.

13.) When I sing, I usually sing the guy's part, because I have a fairly low voice. For a recital in college I sang an old Spiritual.

14.) I'm an extrovert who loves to be around people, but when it comes time to go anywhere, I never want to leave my house...those things don't mix well.

15.) After my one of my best friends in elementary school and her brother picked on me about my southern accent (they were from New Jersey), I spent years trying not to say anything with a Southern accent. I don't have nearly as strong of a Southern accent as the rest of my family.

16.) I stopped caring about my accent and now am very proud to be from the South. I love it!

17.) I can't look at my own veins. They freak me out!

18.) I'm a cuddler, until it's time for bed. I cannot stand being touched while I sleep.

19.) I have super-tiny ears. I've met 10 year olds who have bigger ears than me!

20.) I always look at people's feet to see what they look like.

I am definitely peculiar. Being strange has always come pretty easily to me, and I got it honest (thanks, Mom!). But honestly, I love most of my quirks. They make me unique, and most of the time, these quirks are funny and make people laugh.

We can choose to look at our differences as negative things, or positive things. I prefer to look at them as positive things. Why not? We are all strange in our own ways- it makes life more entertaining!

Live Out Your Peculiarities

And now you know some of my strange qualities. You know how I like my coffee, and what music I like. You know my not-so-secret fear of veins, and you know that I have a weird fascination with feet. If I haven't scared you off by now, it's quite possible you've decided you like me and want to stick around for a while. At least I sure hope that's the case.

So what about you? What peculiarities do you have that form part of who you are? Whether you love My Little Pony, like to yodel, or think Yoko Ono is more talented than The Beatles, embrace your inner weirdness. Peculiarity has it's charms, and you need not hide it. Get out there and yodel like you mean it!


  1. this was such a lovely blog post i loved reading it! it's great sometimes to find out more about the person behind the blog :) I'd love it if you'd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/blogposts/2016/5/2/2016-uk-blog-awards xx

  2. I take it as a compliment when people tell me how weird I am. Be you, Girl!

  3. The crime dramas are my favorites!! I could watch them all day every day! Loved getting to know more about you!

    1. Me too! And I often do watch them all day on my day off! ;)

  4. Love it! It's great to know more about you. I think I would like to have a dog farm as well!

  5. AW I loved reading these facts about you! I'm addicted to coffee as well, and I also love the smell of sunscreen! It reminds me of when we would spend all day at the beach and on the boat up north (:

    1. Thanks, Chels! Sunscreen is just one of the best smells ever, in my opinion, but I'm sure it's the nostalgia!

  6. I love this post! It's always fun learning more about bloggers :) I totally still love the disney channel too!

    1. Thanks, Cara! Haha, I'm glad to know I'm not alone!