My 4 Favorite Pinterest Categories (Favorite Things Friday)

Friday, May 20, 2016

When people ask me what my favorite social media is as a blogger, the answer is simple: Pinterest! I have loved Pinterest ever since I first got an account four years ago. And though making the switch from a personal user to using Pinterest for my blog has taken some adjusting, Pinterest is still by far my favorite social media platform.

No matter what a person's interests are, it's likely they could find something that they enjoy on Pinterest. There are thousands upon thousands of topics to search, which allows us to find new interests and hobbies anytime we please. But while branching out and finding a new hobby can be fun, I think people still tend to have their go-to categories to search on Pinterest.  That's definitely true for me.

My 4 Favorite Pinterest Categories

Boho Farm House

Like the rest of the world, I am totally in love with Joanna Gaines from Fixer-Upper. I often say that I want to be like her when I grow up...even though I'm technically already a grown-up. I love her style and I love her creativity. But I also love LOTS of color. I like boho decor, but I love the farmhouse look that Joanna often uses too.

These two styles don't typically go together, but I love the combo. And thankfully, Pinterest has this unusual category right there for me! Thank you, Pinterest!

Blogging Advice

Ok, so I don't actually search the phrase "blogging advice", but I follow a whole lot of blogging boards that give helpful tips and advice on how to better my blog. This is essential for anyone who is looking to make their blog into their business.
Don't know who to follow? I have a few recommendations for you:

Chelsie, Hey There, Chelsie!
Chelsie is a lifestyle/beauty/fashion blogger. She has all sorts of good makeup and hair tutorials, but she also gives great advice about building your blog and making it grow.

Summer, Coffee With Summer
If you are interested in learning how to engage more authentically in the blogging community, Summer is your girl! Summer is all about authenticity and genuine engagement, and she offers plenty of posts on the subject.

Ruth, Living Well Spending Less
Ruth has a little bit of everything on her blog/Pinterest account. She is a fantastic blogger and has made enough money for her engineer husband to quit his job and stay home with their kids. Though you can also find recipe's, cleaning tips, organization tips, and faith posts on her blog, Ruth is also a great source of blogging wisdom!

Living the Sweet Wife

Guys, I love Chelsea's blog, Living the Sweet Wife, so much that when I want to see a pin about marriage, I don't even need to search "marriage" on Pinterest. I simply need to go straight to Chelsea's Pinterest account. It's that good! There are a lot of good marriage quotes, pins, and blogs out there (like Fierce Marriage and Sobremesa Stories), but LTSW is often my first stop!


I have an entire board dedicated to coffee (and tea)! Needless to say that I love that beautiful nectar of awakeness (that's a thing, right?)!
So when I want to pin but I'm not sure what category I even want to browse, I have been known to type "coffee" into the search bar. When I do, I am overwhelmed- and drooling- over the decadent drinks that I see.

I particularly like finding really cool pictures of foam art (like this) and I also love a good frappe recipe (like this).

Pinterest is a great social media outlet for anyone- whether they blog or not. Pinterest is helpful in pursuing my blogging goals, but I would spend a lot of time on Pinterest even if I never blogged another day.

Do you use Pinterest? What are your favorite types of pins to search for? Comment below!

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  1. I never thought to search coffee but I can see why it would be a favorite

  2. I love all of these!! My favorites are home/interior, fashion and I love travel pics/pins - they inspire my vacations!!

    1. Those categories are a lot of fun (especially home decor for me)!

  3. I am always trawling for blogging advice on pinterest, such a mountain of knowledge out there. Love it!

    1. For sure! I definitely see a lot of that and repin a good bit of it!

  4. Um... Boho Farm House is going to be my new favorite Pinterest topic! <3

  5. Blogging advice is probably such a great search - I could get lost for hours. I hope you had a great weekend!