It's Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hi guys! It's Monday and I am coming off of another very busy weekend. And though being tired is worth it when you have a good time, I still need #allofthecoffee today, and I imagine I will the rest of this week too. The busy never ends.

Honestly, when the busy never ends, it's hard to feel accomplished.  It's hard to look at everything I have going on with clear sight when I too tired to see straight in the first place. But I know that working hard as a Christian, a nanny, a blogger, a VA, a wife, and whatever else I do will be worth it.

It'll be worth it because I am living and working towards what really matters to me. And I never want to lose that focus, because I am very thankful to have found what I am passionate about. Some people never quite figure out their passion. And some people know exactly what they would like to do, but they never do it because of fear. Some people have a lot of passions and they don't know which one to pursue, so they don't pursue any of them.

I know at least one person in each of those scenarios and it makes me so sad. I understand that life is harder for some people than it is for others. Life isn't always rainbows and unicorns, and I never want to be naive' or unrealistic. And yes, if I am honest, I actually have a pretty cushy life. But I still have to work long and hard on my dreams. They haven't just fallen in my lap and I have not "arrived" yet. But I know what I want to do, and as long as God continues to give me that passion, I am going to embrace it and run with it.

Excuses, Excuses

People can come up with plenty of excuses as to why they can't pursue their dreams. They may say they are too old or too young. They may say they are under-qualified, under-educated, that they don't have enough money, or that they missed their opportunity. But honestly, those are all just excuses.

The human race is awesome at coming up with reasons as to why we can't do something, yet absolutely terrible at seeing that we actually can accomplish our goals. We only see our limitations- never our abilities.

We say we don't have enough money, but we get a latte everyday on the way to work. But how much closer could we be to our dreams if we would make our coffee at home and put what we would have spent towards our passions?

We say we don't have time, yet we have time for Netflix and naps and the newest (heartbreaking) episode of The Walking Dead.

We say we've tried and failed, but the truth is that we could have tried so much harder.

Why is it that we admire others who pursue their passions, yet we never feel like we could accomplish the same sort of feat?

Why is it that a 60-year-old is so afraid of change, of failure, or of learning something new? They are capable- they are just too fearful to try.

Get Up and Go

I don't care who you are: a mother, a grandfather, a college sophomore who is already buried in debt- it doesn't matter- you can follow your dreams in some way or another.

Even if you are in a wheelchair and your goal was to run a marathon, you can modify your goals and still get involved. You can participate in wheelchair sports or races. You can make the most out of where you are.

Just because things don't look the same way you wanted them to, doesn't mean you cannot start getting creative and reaching your goals- or at least a form of them.

Quit believing the lies that you can't do it. If it was your daughter, granddaughter, or best friend, would you cheer them on, or would you tell them they are too late? If you would cheer them on (and I hope you would), then why do you not believe that for yourself? Why do you think everyone else can achieve great things, but you don't believe that the same applies to you?

It does in fact, apply to you, my friend. You can achieve big. And it's not too late. Just start now- wherever you are.


  1. I think fear is a big one for people. Most people can't believe they can do it because of that. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and encouragement. Keep on reaching for those goals! :)

  2. So true! Fear has been a huge factor for me. I'm thankful to have such great friends and family that push me when I want to stay put! You're one of those special people that keep me moving forward! :)

  3. Great motivation for a Monday! Thank you for the encouragement. Glad you are pursuing your dreams and know your passion!

  4. I love this, Kristin! Dream big and let go of fear, and you can succeed! Beautiful! :)

  5. Christopher, my husband, is ALWAYS reminding me that I would never tell a friend she wasn't able to achieve something, so I shouldn't say that to myself! Great reminder; thanks!

  6. Yep great post I agree with this, a great reminder for the week.

  7. I SO needed this post today Kristin! I just lost one of my B2B clients because they are shutting down, and they accounted for 50% of my monthly income... needless to say I am literally freaking out right now and doubting everything... I struggled so much with my "Dream" these last two years and I feel like I finally have clarity on it, and have been putting in the work, and was really okay with the "slow and steady" of it all while I had this income, but now I am literally freaking out... gah! I know it will all be okay and work out but my mind is a mess today!

    Rachel |

  8. This is so true, Kristin! Fear holds so many people back, and I think along with that is the instant gratification we seek to pacify the fear. It's so much easier to spend time watching Netflix or scrolling social media rather than go after what we're passionate about.

  9. This is great! I needed this. I am currently in a situation where my health is making me unable to fully pursue my first dream of performing. BUT it introduced me to my new dream of being a successful blogger and working in the social media realm. I have been struggling with the decision to put the first dream on hold while pursuing the second one. Can I do both? Will one fall away forever if I put it away? Your post inspired me that I can find a way to balance both. I can do community theatre and build my performance resume that way (instead of paid performances) while making my name in social media and blogging. Theatre isn't going anywhere. :) Thanks!

  10. Fear is such a big thing to get in your way, but such a little thing once you get over it and look back at it.

    It's far to easy to give up before you even start, but that's just another form of failure, so why not try? At least then you can say you gave it all you had!

    Laura @

  11. The fear of not living your dreams has to be bigger than your fear of failing. For me it is and I too work very hard to accomplish the goals that I think God has given me. I also feel for those who let fear control their life. I am finding so much freedom in my failure. Yes, I feel anxious about the time and feel like I'm wasted it when I messed up, but I also realize that messing up isn't such a big deal. You just start over and try something else. The point is I get to do something I love and at the end of the day that's what matters most. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. My life would just be empty and that brings more fear than the idea of failure at this point.

  12. What a great reminder! I'm pursing my dreams right alongside you. Today, on my blog, I just announced that my first novel will be published in February! I'm so excited and absolutely terrified! What if nobody buys it and no publisher ever wants to come near me again?! But I'm not letting it stop me. I love my book and if I work hard enough, I've got to find other people who love it too!

  13. This is great! Thank you for the motivation and encouragement!

  14. I definitely needed this message in my world today. Thank you!!!

  15. Wonderful reminder. Thank you for giving me more inspiration to follow my dreams! I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles and makes up excuses. I feel that the initial Get up and Go part is the hardest!

  16. I think sometimes we get tunnel vision and can't see what's really possible. Our biggest critic is often ourselves.

  17. Yes, yes and more yes. Always follow your dreams.

  18. This is good for me. I am one of the older ones and starting a company was the farthest thing from my mind when I was younger, but now, here I am in the middle of it. Sticking strong with the hope of a fruitful tomorrow.

  19. This is so encouraging, Kristin! Our dreams are definitely worth working for.

  20. I lovelovelove this Kristin and couldn't agree more with your points. You're right...when busy never ends, it's SO hard to feel accomplished. We've just gotta stay in check and have others hold us in check of all we are able to do - because we do A LOT!

    Coming Up Roses