Why I Blog: The Top Two Benefits of Having a Christian Lifestyle Blog

Monday, January 30, 2017
The Two Main Reasons I Blog

For the past two years, other than Jesus, family, and friends, my life has revolved around one main thing- blogging! Blogging has quickly become my passion and something that makes me want to wake up early and work harder than I have ever worked on a job before! Have you ever experienced something like that? I sure hope so!

Blogging has also become my career aspiration, and I hope to achieve that goal within the next couple of years. But regardless of how long that dream takes, there are two very important components to why I blog, and when it's all said and done, those two reasons are the heart and soul of why I should keep doing it.

The Top To Benefits to Having a Christian Lifestyle Blog

To Inspire

Since I am a Christian Lifestyle blogger, the majority of my posts are dedicated to encouraging women to be the best version of  themselves through God's strength, and for God's glory. I want them to know who they are (or can be) in Christ, and that they are loved and cherished. I want them to be inspired to live well, to make the most of life, and to make decisions based on the truth and wisdom of God.

That is my mission. I don't want to see women making decisions that will destroy their lives and take them further and further away from God. Instead, I want to see them flourish and run towards God at all times. I know not everyone is going to run towards God, but if I can play a part in being an encouragement, I am thankful. This is the first reason I blog.

To Be Taught

The second reason was not something I anticipated at the start of this journey. You see, something happens when I blog. God often takes the words that I am typing and uses them to convict me of/teach me something. I can be writing a post or interacting with a reader and all of a sudden it's as if God taps me on the shoulder and says, "Kristin, I actually want you to learn this lesson".

I never expected to learn from my own writings, but then again, God is full of surprises. I am sure this isn't how it is for every Christian blogger, but it certainly is something that God uses in my life to inspire change and correction.
There's something humbling (and a little freaky) about hearing my own words being whispered back into my heart at just the opportune time.

So while I set out to help others, God also uses blogging to help me.

Why I Blog: The Two Main Reasons

There's a Lesson Here

But what does all of this have to do with you? Why should you even care about why I blog or what God teaches me from my own blogging journey? 

The answer, dear friends, is that whether you are a blogger, a cashier, a government official, a garbage man, or a hair stylist, God will use you where you are at to help others if you seek Him and look for opportunities. That's truth number one. And truth number two? He will also use what you are doing for Him to grow you, too. He will often feed you through you feeding others. And as you proclaim truth to others, God will probably be right there in your ear, proclaiming truth to you, too.

Listen for God's voice, know the truth from His word, and allow Him to convict, teach, guide, and grow you through the things you do each day.


  1. This is such a beautifully written post, Kristin! I love that you were able to share your heart on blogging--I personally love reading these types of posts! Thank you for sharing your story and perspective on blogging!

  2. I always look forward to your posts and can say without a doubt that they always inspire m!

  3. I love your reasons for blogging!
    Thanks for the encouragement. I need it, and I'm sure many others do too:)

  4. Great encouragement! And it is so amazing what God teaches us through our blogging! I'm so grateful for all that I've learned through my journey too!

  5. Thank you for sharing! Very powerful. I also started my blog to help myself heal and vent, but also in the hopes that I might inspire someone else going through the same thing.

  6. I absolutely loved reading this! These are the reasons I started blogging too, and why I continue. Most of my posts lend a little more to the secular reader, but I find ways to squeeze in biblical inspiration and TONS of encouragement throughout my blog. This totally resonated. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Yes, yes, yes! Using my gifts has been an incredibly humbling experience. Not only am I learning as I write, but what I write helps hold me accountable to not be a hypocrite about life. I can relate completely to what you say here.

  8. Thanks for this post! God definitely does use every situation to reveal and bring glory to Himself! Thanks for being a willing vessel.

  9. Amen to this. I know what your saying, sometimes the urge to write just overcomes me. The words flow out and then suddenly God shows me a truth. I never knew I enjoyed writing until recently (the middle of my life) but now that I blog I feel fulfilled in a way I haven't before. I would love to be blogging friends I will follow you.

  10. I love this post so much, Kristin! And it's so true. So many times I'll be writing about something, and I'll be thinking, "Dang, this is as much true for me as anyone else reading this!"
    I'm actually going to bookmark this post to come back to for future reference. It's a wonderful reminder. :)

    Tendril Wild

  11. This is so great! These are definitely the main reasons I started as well! Love your blog!

  12. I love this so much, Kristin and I completely agree with you. It's the same for me, maybe in a slightly difference way, but pretty much all the same. <3

  13. Wonderful, Kristin! This is a nice guide when I write my blog. Re-affirm my the reasons why I blog. This post also made me check myself if I what I am blogging about shows Christian values.

  14. "God often takes the words that I am typing and uses them to convict me of/teach me something." <--- YES! I have moments when I read back through things and I am like "I don't remember writing that AT ALL but it is exactly what I need to hear!!" I agree... a little "freaky" at times, LOL!

  15. Wonderfully written and have our life in order our Heavenly Father does guide and direct us. Have you found it difficult from others because you do have a christian blog?

  16. These are awesome reasons to blog, Kristen! I can totally relate with all of them, especially the second point about learning lessons while you blog. God uses writing and my boys to teach me important lessons almost everyday.

  17. I love learning about why people blog. I enjoyed reading this!

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  18. Yes! I blog to inspire! Well I hope to inspire. <3

    - Anali Martinez (http://www.thenuevalatina.com/)

  19. This is great. Thank you for the encouragement!