Coffee Sips and Lovely Links: 4th of July Edition

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The 4th of July has always just been about family for me. I know it's supposed to be about celebrating our independence and all, but I've always just considered it a good excuse to eat yummy cookout food, hang out with my awesome family, and see some fireworks at the end of the night. My Grandaddy and Nana would always host the festivities, grill hamburgers and hot dogs, and Grandaddy and my uncle would shoot off fireworks. They lived on the waterway up until very recently, so that cool ocean breeze would usually make an appearance at some point in the evening.

These were such fun times and I am very appreciative of them. But now that I am married, we live in Charlotte and my Grandparents no longer live on the coast, so things are a little different. I still plan to go see my family for the forth, and I can probably still find a place to watch fireworks, but it's still different. It's not as easy now because I am over here learning to make my own traditions and adjust to not having all my family within a 15 minute drive.

Maybe you are in a similar place. Maybe you are not able to visit family or follow the same traditions this year. Or maybe you are just tired of the same ole, same ole and want to change it up this year. Either way, today's Coffee Sips and Lovely Links segment is all about Independence Day and some fun ideas for celebrating this July 4th!

4th of july


These red, white, and blue M&M cookie bars look fantastic for a July 4th dessert!

This Easy Flag Fruit Dessert by Family Fresh Meals is super cute and would add a little nutrition to your cookout! 😉

You could even make your own gourmet hot dog topping bar.


Want something uber-cute but still casual and comfy? Summer has got your back with this off the shoulder top. So perfect!

Looking for something a little bit different? Chelsie has three more outfit ideas for you that might be what you are looking for.


4th of July Bingo? Yes please!

You could also make your own Family Summer Olympics! How fun is that!?

You could also try this 4th of July Water Blob for Kids!


For fire safety, check out this Fire Safety Info-graphic!

For pet safety, this very short article has some important reminders.

Need more pet safety tips? This pet safety info-graphic might be what you are looking for!

I hope that everyone stays injury-free during the fireworks, but just in case, here's some info on firework injuries.

A Little Side Note

Now, I don't want to diminish what July 4th is about. I appreciate the freedoms we have in America, and I am thankful for people who risked their lives (as well as their emotional health) for my sake and the sake of others. Things in America aren't even close to perfect, but we should always be thankful that people who don't even know us are willing to protect us. People like my father-in-law, and my sweet friend Vanessa of Pursue Simple Joy- they gave so much. So don't forget to thank those around you who served to make our independence remain possible. Don't forget that as you are grilling, laughing, and watching the fireworks.

4th of July Tips, Resources, and Fun Ideas


  1. I am totally going to play 4th of July bingo! What fun ideas!

  2. These are really great for the holiday! I am going to check out these links you listed! Great post, as always! :)

  3. love that you mention pet safety! seriously, people forget our furry friends!

  4. Love these tips for the holiday weekend! I can't wait to celebrate with friends! Also, love the summer olympics idea! That sounds so fun.

  5. Lol truthfully some of my best stories come from the fourth of July and even though I have worked in the ER and every fourth of July there seems to be some sort of firework injury. Just use common sense! :) every region does something different, like AK takes pride in being the first state every year (their time zone) to celebrate the fourth.

  6. These are great ideas!Like you, my family lives far away and we usually go for the Fourth but we can't this year. I'm going to miss my town's festival so much! But I guess it's time to make new traditions.

  7. What great ideas! My dog hates fireworks so I'm so glad you brought that up... and I think I need to try all the food options!

  8. This is my husbands all time favorite holiday. A true patriot if I've ever met one! I can't wait to grill out with my family.