August Goals & Currently Loving

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy August, my friend! I hope as you read this post you are filled with fun memories from July and exciting plans for the upcoming month. If July was rough, I hope you can put that behind you and enjoy August. And if August is going to hold a lot of challenges, I hope you can still push ahead, do your best, and hold on to joy.

July was a tough one for me. Not because it was bad, but because it was far busier than I am used to. I have had a hard time adjusting and I haven't done nearly as much as I had hoped with my blog this month. But, I am thankful that it was busy instead of bad, and that after one more moth of craziness, there is a potential for things to calm down a bit.

So today, I figured it was time I updated you on how I did with my July goals, and share my August goals and things I have been loving lately. Grab a nice big cup of joe (or beverage of preference), sit back, and enjoy!

August goals and what I loved in July!

July Update

Drink At Least 64oz. of Water Every Day

Not gonna lie- this really didn't even cross my mind. I did drink a decent amount of water, but I know I didn't hit my goal.

Walk At Least 6 Miles Per Week

FAIL- But not exactly...
I did not hit my 6 miles/week goal. I ended up doing between 2-3 miles per week. However, the reason for this was because the heat would have been irresponsible to have Mr. T out in. So in addition to the 2-3 miles, we've been going swimming at least once per week (usually more).

Finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I haven't touched the book...

Blogging & Business

Increase All Stats

YES! PASS!I hit my Twitter, Facebook, and Email Newletter goals (and surpassed them).
I fell short on my Instagram, Pinterest, and page view goals (but still saw growth in all of them). However, even though I didn't hit my Pinterest follower goals, I have been getting more page views because of Pinterest than usual and that is at least partially due to my new, long pins! Yay for successes!

Update More Pins


Secure Another Virtual Assistant Client

I haven't landed another client, but I do have someone who seems interested.

Be Consistent

Meh. FAIL.

The month of July was tough. There was a lot to do, but also a lot to love. Today on the blog I'm talking about how my July finished up and sharing my goals for August.

Goals For August

Grow my Blog Stats

Again, I have some numbers I want to hit, but consistent growth is my main focus.

Secure One Virtual Assistant Client

I really, really want to accomplish this so I have a better chance of working from home starting in September.

Contact One Brand For a Collab

I haven't been super brave about this yet, but this month I want to send my media kit to a brand I would like to work with and pitch to them.

Continue My Workouts with Mr. T

3 miles of walking and 2 trips to the pool per week is working out well.

What did I love during the month of August? Lipsense, Elle & Company, the pool, and more. Click the pin to read the full post!

What I'm Currently Loving


I have more coming on this in the future, but I finally tried Lipsense and I am a fan. Want to know more? Join my friend Summer's Facebook page: The Darling Lip Studio.

Hills and Valleys

One of my best friends introduced me to the song Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells and I love it so much. If you haven't heard it but could use some encouragement, you should definitely check it out!

Pool Time

I mentioned that Mr. T and I have been going to the pool and it has been so nice to have a place to swim. I love it and it makes it feel way more like a true Summer.

Parks and Rec

Taylor and I have been re-watching Parks and Rec on Netflix and between Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyre, we just can't stop laughing.

Tips for Full-time and Side Hustle via Elle & Company

I read "How to Balance a Full-Time Job and a Side-Hustle" by Elle & Company  today and it is so helpful! If you are trying to manage a day-job and a side-hustle like me, this is a great resource!

Happy August, friends! What do you have coming up this August?

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