Why We Should Choose Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

When Googling "how many thoughts does a person think in a day", the answers I found were between 50,000-80,000. Now, apparently, this is debated, and of course, the numbers would only be an estimate anyway. But regardless of which source is correct, it's quite obvious that most of us think a stinkin' crazy amount of thoughts every.single.day.

But let's take it a step further, shall we? What if we were to examine each thought that we had in a day- would the majority of our thoughts be positive and encouraging, or negative and pessimistic? Would you find that you are the thinker of good, kind, and encouraging thoughts, or would you find a murky little pond of negativity?

I think most of us, if we are honest, realize that we have more negative thoughts than we really should. We think rude, judgemental things about others. We put ourselves down frequently. And I bet we also have to constantly fight off the feeling of defeat when the task in front of us is harder than we would like it to be. Am I wrong? I hope I am, but I am doubtful.

But the thing is, thinking negative thoughts gets us nowhere. It doesn't bring success, nor does it encourage others.
There are plenty of good reasons to choose happy thoughts, and if you want to know what those reasons are, then keep reading.

Believe it or not, it's actually very important to think happy thoughts. Find out why today on The Peculiar Treasure!

Boosts Our Mood

When we choose to think happy thoughts, we often receive a sort of placebo effect. Our circumstances don't necessarily change just because we decide to choose happy thoughts, and yet we often find that our mood quickly and drastically improves anyway. So, if nothing else, we can say that if we want a quick mood booster, then we need to think happy thoughts.

Keeps Us From Throwing a Pity Party

Since thinking happy thoughts is often a mood booster, we will also find that if we choose happy thoughts, it's a lot harder to throw a pity party. And lets be honest: pity parties are not parties at all. They are simply the worst. Soooo, there's more reason to start up that happy-brain!

Reminds Us to Be Grateful

When we choose to think happy thoughts, we are focusing on the things in life that are good, helpful, encouraging, and a blessing. Which will automatically cause us to feel grateful for the things we've been given. Who knows, maybe you'll even break out in song to the doxology like I do sometimes... #i'mnotweird #youreweird 🙈

Sets Us Up For Success

If we want to be successful in life, one of the first things we need to do is believe that we can. No one can reach there goals and be content with them if they are always convinced they are going to fail. They may reach the physical goal, but they won't be able to enjoy it for fear that they will soon lose it all.

But when we choose to think good thoughts- happy thoughts- we are choosing to push through our fear of failure, so that we can reach the goal we set out for in the beginning. Thinking happy thoughts isn't what causes you to reach your goals, but it is one of the things that allows you to enjoy your achievements and keep moving forward.

Makes Us More Likable

This last point is more like a side note, but golly-gee-whiz, it's true. When we choose to be positive, encouraging people and we choose happy thoughts, people are naturally drawn to us. Very few people actually want to be around a negative Nelly all the time. No one wants to constantly be bombarded by grumpiness, sadness, or melancholy. So if nothing else, think of it this way: thinking happy thoughts shows on your face and in your words, and a happier person tends to be more fun and likable.

Think happy thoughts- it's actually important!

I hesitated as I wrote this post because of it's simplistic nature. I feared (and still do) that it might seem too juvenile of a point. But when I survey the people around me- how grumpy, down, and negative many of them are- I tend to think that maybe people need this simplistic reminder. Maybe it's a basic idea that is too easily forgotten. I know that is often true for myself.

So I hope this post was helpful, encouraging, and not too basic. I hope this week and onward you will choose to be happy, speak happy, and think happy thoughts!

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