Blogging Authentically: My Heart

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Authenticity. Have you ever noticed how the word gets thrown around these days?

Authenticity is supposed to mean that we are genuine, integrity-filled, and truly ourselves. It's supposed to mean that we handle our day-to-day with honesty and sincerity. But lately, authenticity has become nothing more than a buzz-word. This is really true in every circle, but by-golly if it isn't rampant in the blog world!

I love blogging. I don't think that will be changing any time soon. But I have been growing weary over the past few months as I have discovered how fake the blog world really is.

I had seen little pieces here and there for a while, but since this past Spring, it has become increasingly obvious that many bloggers care only about numbers. And even if they say they don't, they do. You know how I know? Because I hear very little about how people are benefiting from blogs. Bloggers are typically not boasting about how proud they are that their blog made a difference in someone's life. Instead, they brag about how many followers they have on Instagram, or they complain about Instagram followers and how many times a post has been shared on Pinterest.

And believe me- I get it. It's so hard to have to fight algorithms, the follow/unfollow method, and the massive sea of bloggers trying to make it just like we are. But friends, if our blogs are not making a genuine difference, is there really any point? And if all of our likes on our IG posts are from people in threads who are required to interact with us- people who never even look at what they are double-tapping on- what's the point? Is it just about "making it"? And what does "making it" even mean at that point?

Why having integrity and authenticity in blogging is extremely important.

Wait for the Real Deal

I'm not perfect. Holy mole', I'm not even close! I make mistakes, I do stupid things, and sometimes I am not nearly as authentic as I really should be. We all fall short. But I would like to encourage any of you who blog for a greater purpose than just yourself-than just money- be filled with integrity. Choose the slow, honest path over the quick, inauthentic one. Grow slower if you must, but grow with integrity, and with followers who actually care about your content.

It may seem tiresome to wait for real Instagram likes, blog comments, and Twitter followers, but I'm beginning to believe that the real ones are worth the wait.

Blogging Groups

Now, I'm not saying that bloggers shouldn't participate in Facebook threads to promote content. I will still be participating in my favorite groups and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. But, if half of your Instagram likes, or Facebook page likes, or blog comments come from people who only engaged with you because they had to, then I would seriously encourage you to reconsider your methods if you want to be authentic and genuine.

It's a hard balance to find when your blog is both your ministry and your career goal. I totally get it, and it's a daily struggle. But the blog industry needs to change, and it starts with us- with the ones who are willing to be genuine.

Growing your blog slowly and with integrity is more important than growing a large group of uninterested followers at a quicker speed.

Important Disclaimer!

Please note that this is not an attack on anyone. I have all ideas that several people I know will think this is directed at them, but I am only speaking generally. If something has hit hard in this post, maybe it's time to examine your methods, but please know that I am not writing this post about someone in particular, as I struggle in some of these areas too. We are all in this together and we all need to learn and grow as we go through this journey.

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