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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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I tend to be a "stuff" person. I have way more "stuff" than I know what to do with, and my hubby says I shouldn't bring home any more furniture, because we can't fit any more in our house. And it's entirely possible that I am unable to fit any more clothes in my closet or very large dresser, even though I wear the same 8 outfits on repeat... Ooops 😳

I think it's safe to say that typically, this isn't a good thing. I buy things I don't need to be spending money on, and when I get the itch to shop, I tend to be impulsive. I do not- I repeat: do not- recommended this habit. It can be destructive. And though I have definitely improved in this area in the last year or so, it's still a struggle. Baby steps I guess? 😅

However, I will say that one advantage to my compulsive shopping is that sometimes I discover a product that really is awesome, and that I wouldn't have tried otherwise. I guess I could say that's the one redeeming factor of such a terrible habit.

I recently read an article by Joanna Gaines in which she said that for Christmas, she and her friends have a "favorite things" party. They get together and give each other gifts, but with a twist: each person is supposed to give the item that has been their "favorite thing" over the past year to the other guests.

I loved this idea for a Christmas get together, but since Christmas is over, I thought I might as well share my favorite items from 2017 with all of you, and maybe you can enjoy them throughout 2018!

This is going to be a big, hodge-podge list. You are going to see everything from K-Cups to beauty products. My hope is to provide you with a list of awesome things to try and experience this year. You may end up finding your new favorite product.

11 Products I Love | The best coffee, tea, beauty products, and healthy snacks.

Coffee & Tea

Favorite K-Cup (Tie):

Trader Joe's French Roast & Peet's Coffee French Roast 

Obviously, I like French Roast. But what I love about both TJ's French Roast and Peet's French Roast, is that they are both smooth, bold, and don't break the bank. I can't afford expensive coffee unless it's a special treat, but with these, I can have really delicious coffee without worrying about that!

Favorite Store Bought, Whole-Bean:
Trader Joe's French Roast

If you've never purchased coffee at TJ's, it's a wonderful experience. Why? Because you pick a canister of whole bean coffee and go grind it yourself while you are there, which means you get to breath in the fumes of that fresh, "nectar of life" while you shop. Nuff' said, right?

Favorite Locally Roasted in Charlotte, NC:
Enderly Coffee ( I love the Guatemalan blend).

Enderly Coffee is sold in multiple sites throughout Charlotte, but I discovered it at the coffee shop at my husband's seminary. It's very good, locally roasted coffee. As usual, I go for the smooth, dark roast but they have other roasts as well. If you aren't in Charlotte, you can order online.

Favorite Tea:
Tiesta Tea (Blue Berry Wildchild)

I'm much more of a coffee person than a tea person, but every once in a while I crave a really good cup of tea. It wasn't until a couple of months ago that I discovered this tea, but I am sooooo glad I did. It's delicious, it's caffeine-free, it's not over-priced, and it's made almost entirely of dried fruit.

Heathy(ish) Snack Options

Favorite Protein Option
The Good Bean Chickpea Snack

I have absolutely fallen in love with dried and flavored chickpeas as a snack. They are high in protein, pretty filling, and oh-so-very delish! I linked to my favorite flavor/brand above, but there are lots of kinds you can try!

Favorite Salty Snack
Terra Root Veggie Chips

This is another snack I've been pretty addicted to lately! Terra has several types of chips I enjoy, but their original root chips are my favorite. They are better (in my opinion), than a normal potato chip.

Favorite Sweet Snack
Noosa Apple Cinnamon Yoghurt

Yogurt can have a whole lot of sugar if you don't pick carefully- I know that. And as far as health benefits go, I could find plenty of other types of yogurt that are better for me. But man-oh-man, Noosa Yoghurt (Apple Cinnamon flavor), is just incredibly good. It honestly makes a great dessert! At least there's protein, right? 😉

Hair & Beauty

Favorite On-the-Go Product
The Honest Company Leave-In Conditioner

Most of the time, I can just use conditioner when I am in the shower, but when I'm in a rush it's hard because my hair is so thick that shampooing and conditioning takes forever. But I discovered that The Honest Company's leave in conditioner is really great even in my thick hair, and it's a bit faster than trying to wash out my normal conditioner. It also smells fantastic!

Jason Peppermint

I really don't like using regular toothpaste, because there are so many chemicals. I have tried my hand at making my own, but I don't like the consistency. Jason toothpaste is natural and keeps me from having to make my own.

Favorite Mascara for Sensitive Eyes
Physicians Formula Mascara

I have super sensitive eyes and I really struggle with eye makeup. I absolutely love having mascara, eye liner, and eye shadow on, but my eyes are so sensitive that it's hard. But finding a hypoallergenic mascara is helpful, because it doesn't sting as much if it gets in my eyes. I also really love the applicator brush on PF mascaras.

Favorite Nail Polish
Wet n' Wild 1 Step Gel Polish

Wet n' Wild gel polish is the best nail polish I've ever used. I like it better than Essie or OPI, even though it's basically half the price of those brands. It stays on longer and it's brush is better. I highly recommend trying it!

There you have it, friends! I hope you end up trying and loving some of these products! In the meantime, comment below and tell me about a product that you've been loving lately! I'm always up for recommendations!

11 Products You'll Love: Coffee, Tea, Makeup, and Healthy Snacks

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