3 Ways I'm Taking Back My Health (And You Can Too)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

For several years now, I've been struggling (and losing) with my weight. I gained over 100 pounds through the four years I was in college, along with some extra "marriage weight" (the weight you gain when you've already got a man and now the two of you can get fat together... 😂😂😂). And for years I've been saying that I am trying to lose the weight. Or that I am trying to get healthy and reclaim my health.

But the truth of the matter is, it just hasn't happened. Between my fatigue, the never-ending desire for Chick-Fil-A + fancy lattes, and my natural inclination towards laziness, it just hasn't been working for me. *Shock!* *Gasp!*

However, I am glad to say that though the scale hasn't change very much, I have really taken some steps in the last few months to improve my health. Do I still eat Chick-Fil-A? Yes. Are fancy lattes still my favorite treat? Of course! But I have learned a few things that have helped me reclaim my health in small, sustainable ways.

Take back your health with these simple tips for weightloss, nutrition, and general health. | #healthy #healthandfitness

Compete With Yourself

I've known for a long time that there's a lot my body can't handle when it comes to exercise because of my "old lady hip". But walking is something that I can almost always manage, even if it's only a short distance at the time.

So, soon after I started nannying baby S back in October, I made a conscious effort to get out and walk every work day that it isn't raining or below-freezing. I was working 3 days/week with her, and at first, my goal was 3 miles/week (1 mile/day). I slowly worked my way a little further each time, and now, I'm walking between 4-5 miles per week. I know that that isn't anything to brag about for a lot of people, but I have been able to tell a difference in myself, and I genuinely enjoy competing against myself, which helps me meet my goals. Plus, now that I have moved to 4 days/week, I can hopefully increase my distance a little more.

I would love to work on getting closer to 10 miles per week, but baby girl gets fussy if I walk much more than 1.5 miles at the time (and so does my hip). But even if I don't get to 10 miles each week, I'm still thrilled with my constant progress. And if you are trying to lose weight, I highly recommend finding something that's safe for your body to handle and that you truly enjoy, and start setting goals to compete with yourself. It's been awesome for me!

Eating Nutrient-Rich Foods

This is where I struggle most. I've gotta be honest, guys. I love fast food. I love fried food. I love all-the-carbs and all-the-red-meat. And man-oh-man, do I love butter and mayonnaise (try to keep in mind I'm from the South... 😂😅😇). But my body needs more than steak, pasta, and butter. And the closer I've gotten to reaching 30, the more my body has been yelling at me to start eating better.

Honestly, unless I am forced to, I never plan to give up an entire food group. I don't believe that's sustainable, and I also don't believe it's necessary. What is necessary, however, is to concentrate on the bulk of my food intake being packed with the nutrients that will help my body improve daily. These foods include (but are not limited to):

Although these foods are awesome for helping me in my healthy lifestyle shift, I also just genuinely like these foods. You may not love some of these, and that's totally fine. Just try to find foods that you love that are also packed with nutritional value. And if you are a person who doesn't love healthy food, trust me, there's something healthy out there for you. Just keep searching for it.

Taking Vitamins

I have spent my entire life NOT taking my vitamins because 1.) I always forget, and 2.) I hate swallowing pills. But thankfully, there are so many awesome options for vitamins now, it seems silly not to take them.

I recently found Vitafusion's B12 gummies and I love them! They are infused with honey and taste like pomegranate. They have more than a days-worth of B12 vitamins in them, and I like them so much, I hardly ever forget to take them.

I also really love protein powder that is infused with lots of vitamins. My favorite is a brand called Spirutein and it has an astounding amount of vitamins and minerals, plus a good amount of protein. I buy the vanilla flavor and either mix it with whole milk and cinnamon, or mix it with chocolate almond milk.

Again, I want to reiterate that I have only lost about 3 pounds in the last 6 months. I'm not really talking about what the scale says in this post. And honestly, I'm not even talking about feeling tons better right now. I'm just talking about legitimately healthy, sustainable practices that are setting me up for a much better weight loss journey. The day-in and day-out habit changes are going to add up in the long-run, and even though I can't show you any before-and-after pictures or boast that I've gone done in my clothing size, I do know that a change is happening. I feel stronger and I feel like this journey is actually doable- slow as it may be.

And I also know that these changes would benefit many who struggles with their weight (unless a health problem or food allergy would prevent it. So I encourage you to get serious about your nutrition and overall health. I have got a long, long, LONG way to go, but I am encouraged by the little things that have been helping.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and am just sharing what is helping me and may be helpful for you. If you have any health problems/allergies or any questions about anything in this post, consult your doctor before implementing this advise.

Make small, sustainable healthy lifestyle choices. A small change can go a long way. | #health #weightloss

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