4 Signs That You Need to Take a Blogging Break

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Are you a tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated blogger who doesn't quite know how to proceed? Have you considered taking a blogging break but you aren't sure if you should? Learn to recognize 4 signs that might suggest you need to take a blogging break.

For the past (almost) four years of blogging, I have been very proud of the fact that I haven't had to take a blogging break. It's not that there's anything wrong with taking a break, but that it was a point of pride for me that I hadn't had to take one yet. But then a few things happened: First, I was struck with a pretty bad case of writer's block- one that has lasted for months. And secondly, in June we found out that my husband got a job (praise the Lord!) and that we would be moving from Charlotte, NC to Columbus, GA in one month.

As thrilled as we were for Taylor to have a job in his field, we were not equally thrilled about leaving North Carolina, nor did we feel prepared to get everything done in order to move in just one short month. The overwhelm hit both of us pretty hard.

And that's when I made the decision to take a blogging break. I had already been sporadic in posting for at least two months, and I had already taken a small break due to writer's block. But up until that time, I had never taken a scheduled or prolonged break from my blog. However, several factors told me that it was time to take a break from my space on the interwebz, and I decided to give in. And friends, I am so glad I did.

I missed being here. I missed crafting posts for you to read, I missed staying active on social media, and I missed my blogging community. But that break was beyond needed. And while each person has different needs and different ways of handle things, I think that there are four signs we need to be looking for when we are considering taking a blogging break. These signs, while they are not the only things to watch for, can help you make a smart decision when you are trying to figure out what to do.

Should You Take a Blogging Break? Hear are 4 signs that might help you decide. #Blogging #entrepreneur

You Are About To Encounter Major Life Changes

For me, the biggest part of my decision to take a blogging break was that I knew that major life changes were about to take place. Knowing myself- that I am not good at change or at processing change- and knowing that there was a butt-load of work to be done within the coming month was almost enough on it's own for me to take a break.

I had to realize that I was not Super Woman, and I wasn't capable of doing all of the things. I didn't like this thought, but I still knew it was true and I knew that I needed to be wise about it all or I would end up turning into a crazy person (and let's be real, I'm already halfway there 😂😋😅).

Blogging Stress Has Made You...Unpleasant

If you have become all-consumed with your blogging page views, your Instagram feed, your Pinterest re-pins, or some other aspect of blogging and you find that you are always grumpy, snappy, and just down-right unpleasant to those around you and/or those in the blogging community, then you might need a break. Blogging, though it can be very stressful and frustrating, should never consume you to this level- just like any other job or hobby should not consume you in this way.

And if this is where you find yourself, remember: blogging is a rare breed of job or hobby because you actually can take a break. We are very fortunate as bloggers to have this luxury, and when we really need it we should utilize it. And trust me- if no one can stand to be around you because of your blogging stress, then you probably need a break.

You Can't Seem To Beat Writer's Block

Writer's block is one of the most obnoxious parts of being a writer. Having a desire to write something amazing and impactful, but being unable to think of the words you need is miserable. And while there are ways of beating writers block, sometimes it feels like it's impossible to overcome. Sometimes you can pull out all the tips and tricks and still come up empty.

Writer's block on it's own doesn't necessarily mean you should take a blogging break. However, if you find yourself so void of content and creativity that you can't write anything for an extended amount of time, then taking a blogging break may be what you need. Besides, if your writer's block is already making your posting schedule go sporadic, then why not eliminate some of the stress and make the break official?

Taking a scheduled, purposeful break and using that time to try new things, rekindle old hobbies, or to simply rest may actually help spark creativity and help you get back into a groove.

You've Lost Your Passion

Losing passion for your job is inevitable from time to time. No matter where we find ourselves in life, we will sometimes feel drained, disappointed, or unfulfilled. Sometimes this dry spell can be extended and feel like it is going on forever. And if I am honest, those dry spells are often not an indicator that you should stop doing whatever it is you are doing. For that reason, this last point is a little bit tricky. However, because blogging is such a rare path, and because it does lend itself to taking breaks, I do think that it's worth considering.

If you've lost your passion for blogging for an extended amount of time, and you are wondering if it's worth it- if you should even keep at it at all- then taking a break might be just what you need. This doesn't mean that every time you have a dry season you can just skip out and take a month off. We often need to work through those times in order to grow and learn how to overcome a loss of passion. But in a similar vein to writer's block, if you find yourself unable to rekindle your passion, why not take a blogging break. Take a couple of weeks, or even months if you need to, to see if you miss it at all. See if you have any desire to come back to the blogging world, or if you are just as happy to never resurface into the blogosphere again.

Now, this is not a recommendation to blow off your already-scheduled sponsored content, nor is it a call to make any rash decisions that would affect you financially. Be wise and make sure your decision won't hurt you or those who depend on you. But otherwise, if you've lost your blogging passion and can't seem to find it, a blogging break might be just what the doctor ordered!

At the end of the day, taking a blogging break is your decision. It's personal, and it depends on the individual. I am not prescribing a sure-fire way of doing things, I am only sharing what works for me and the signs that I deem important when considering a blogging break. So I hope these tips help you, and I hope that you find what works best for you.

Have you ever taken a blogging break? What signs did you (or would you) look for when deciding whether or not to take a break? Tell me in the comment section. 

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