A Letter To the Woman Who Already Failed Her Resolutions

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

At the beginning of the year, many people make New Year's goals in hopes of changing their lives for the better. But how often do we end up neglecting our goals and dreams and failing at what we had hoped to accomplish throughout the year? Today I am sharing an open letter to the Christian woman who has already failed at her New Year's resolutions after only a few months.

New Year's goals are a funny thing. They're so exciting when the new year begins - the fresh start and the hope of an improved life. I visualize what my life could look like if I will just stick with my plans, and I always think it looks pretty good.

Lose weight so that when we start having kids, I'll be healthier.
Save money and be a good steward of what we've been given.
Make time in God's Word and prayer my ultimate priority.
All of these things are good goals. In fact, these are all godly, God-honoring goals.

But lo and behold, year-after-year I give up on my goals before they've even started. What began as an attempt to better myself and be more like the person Christ calls me to be often turns into a disappointing anthem of all of my failures. It's as if Satan is parading around with balloons and streamers, screaming "Congratulations on your constant failure. I approve."

We are a people who need fresh starts every day, not just once a year. We are a people who must renew our ambitions each new morning, not just in January. Thankfully, where there are failed goals, there's a fresh beginning waiting for us. Where there are missteps and setbacks and sins, there is abundant grace to take hold of.


Our Failures Do Not Affect Our God

Our goals and resolutions do matter. Giving up on things as important as ample time in the Word or stewarding our money well is not something to be proud of. We should always be improving in those areas - to the glory of God. But know this, dear friend, our failures do not affect our God.

Our God is a God who sees past our failings. Our God looks at you and me with love, and He looks at us with compassion. Our God doesn't hold our unresolved resolutions against us, waiting until we get it right before He extends His goodness. He doesn't see us based on how many goals we achieved or how many tasks we check off of a list. Instead, God looks at His children and sees Jesus. He sees perfection, not because we are perfect, but because His Son is perfect. He sees everything we are supposed to be, because the one who mediates for us is everything we're supposed to be.

God's Grace Is Bigger Than Your Mistakes

God's grace doesn't excuse us from trying. We should be seeking His help and power everyday to do the things we know we are called to do - like putting time with Him first, spending and saving wisely, and taking care of the bodies He gave us. But friends, if you find yourself falling short on these goals, and if you find yourself failing miserably at your new years resolutions, remember that your identity does not lie there. You are not defined by your failed resolutions. You are not defined by your mishaps. You are not defined by your sin. Your identity is found in the blood of Christ and in His perfect, atoning resurrection.


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