3 Reasons We Should Preach the Gospel to Ourselves

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The gospel is God's gift to us and the only way to salvation. The gospel gives us life and we should preach the gospel to ourselves constantly. What is so important about preaching the gospel to ourselves? Learn why we should preach the gospel to ourselves today.

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The gospel is the center of Christianity.  Without Christ living a perfect life, dying as the perfect sacrifice for sin, and rising from the dead and defeating that sin, we wouldn't have Christianity. We wouldn't have peace with God, we'd still be making imperfect animal sacrifices, and gentiles like me would have very little chance of ever knowing God.

The gospel is our life blood. Without the gospel, sin keeps winning and we are lost. But praise be to God, He loved us enough to send us a rescuer - His only Son, Jesus - to redeem us and break us free from sin and death. The gospel is the most important thing in life.

I believe that we need to be preaching the gospel of Jesus to ourselves daily. We need to be taking the time to think through and believe in the truths of the gospel with a renewed faith every day.

Why do I think this should be done daily? Why would it matter whether or not we preach to ourselves daily when we already know what the truth is? Keep reading to learn why.


We Should Preach the Gospel to Ourselves Because We Have "Gospel Amnesia" 

My preacher often says that Christians have "gospel amnesia". We go to church and get excited about, convicted by, and fired up for the truths of God's word and the gift of the gospel, and we leave feeling ready to take on the world. But a day later, two hours later, or maybe even two minutes later, we forget what we've just learned and slip back into our human rut. We focus on how long the cashier is taking to bag our groceries as we silently criticize them. We fall back into condemnation over a past sin that has been long-forgiven. We let our current situation steal our joy. We fear the unknown future ahead of us.

How did we go from a robust trust in the Lord, His goodness, His timing, and His grace back to all those sinful habits in a matter of hours? The answer is gospel amnesia.

Gospel amnesia means that we quickly forget who we serve and all that He has done. We forget the depths of the salvation that He has given us, and we forget all that His salvation means for our lives. This is exactly why we should preach the gospel to ourselves daily. We need constant reminders of the truth in order to ward off the sin that so easily entangles, and in order to live out the truths of the gospel in our own lives.

We Should Preach the Gospel to Ourselves Because Each Day Is a Fresh Start

We want to start each new day, with it's fresh mercy, focused on the truth. The choices that we make can impact how our day goes. We can choose to wake up and think on negative thoughts, our worries and fears, and what's happening on social media. Conversely, we can wake up and choose to think on who God is and the truth of the gospel.

Spending time in God's word and in prayer and choosing to preach the truths of the gospel to ourselves every day is a great way to steward the fresh start God promises us. His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23), but we still have to be good stewards of the day ahead of us. Our thoughts, our motivations, our words, and our actions need to be given over to the Lord. It is much easier to do that when we are preaching the gospel to ourselves. This enables us to remember the truths of the gospel, which makes us much more willing to steward our day well and embrace the goodness of God's fresh mercy. Preaching the gospel to ourselves helps us live out our daily fresh start in obedience.

We Should Preach the Gospel to Ourselves to Remember God's Goodness

We can often be tempted to doubt God's goodness - at least I know that I am. But when those moments of temptation come, the best way to combat them is to remember the gospel, which shows us God's goodness in full force. God didn't have to send Jesus. God could have left us in the death of our sin. The peril of our situation could have stayed that way forever, but God didn't want us to have to stay there. He wanted us to know Him, know His goodness, and have His salvation from sin. So God sent Jesus.

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, and no matter what hardship we are walking through right now, when we think on God's gift of salvation and how He makes us clean, righteous, and redeemed through the blood of Jesus, we can see His goodness clearly. Preaching the gospel to ourselves daily is a way for us to see, acknowledge, and live in the comfort of God's goodness. We need that, lest we be tempted to think that God is anything other than good.


Friends, we need the gospel. We are only truly alive because of what God did through Jesus, and we need to remember that every single day. Our gospel amnesia gets in the way far too often, and we need to combat it by choosing to remember the truths of the gospel every day. We need to remember, focus on, and live in the reality of God's saving grace through Jesus, and what those truths mean for us who believe. Let's commit to choosing to remember, even when it's so very easy to forget. Will you join me?

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