How to Grow in Wisdom as a Christian

Friday, November 1, 2019
Wisdom is an important quality for a Christian to have, but Christians often struggle to grow in wisdom. How can Christians grow in wisdom and why does it matter? Learn how to grow in wisdom as a Christian today.

how to grow in wisdom as a christian

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As a teen believer, true wisdom was lost on me. I thought wisdom was being good, being kind, and not making wild and reckless decisions - the kind that I saw my peers making frequently. I thought that being wise was about my works. I thought that wisdom was the good advice I gave to my fellow classmates, and that I exuded wisdom when I asked others not to curse around me. I thought that being wise was an accomplishment I was meant to achieve so that the Lord would be more proud of me.

I am not capable of wisdom apart from the Lord. The Lord is wisdom. He is knowledge. He is discernment. "Getting wisdom" as we are instructed to do in Proverbs 4:5 therefore, means getting the Lord.  Becoming wise means becoming more like Jesus. Wisdom is from God and any semblance of wisdom that I possess comes from Him.

I don't want to give the wrong idea - we are commanded by God to seek out wisdom. We are not to ignore this command because we feel we can never get it right. But how do we seek out wisdom when we know we are broken? How to we grow in the Biblical wisdom that God commands us to take hold of and cherish (Proverbs 4:8)?

There are practical and simple steps we can take in order to get wisdom. Keep reading to find out what they are.

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Study the Scriptures to Gain Wisdom

Growing in God's Word is of utmost importance if we want to become more biblically wise and conform more fully to the image of Christ. Since God is wisdom, God's Word is filled with wisdom for us to cherish, glean from, and hold on to. 

Studying God's word is what will create a deeper love in our hearts for the truths of God, and that is wisdom. The wisest thing we could ever do is spend our time with God and strive to love Him more.

If you are a person who doesn't quite know where to start with reading the Bible, I recommend starting in one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John). This will help you get your feet wet first. You could also choose to do a Bible reading plan like this 5 day/week plan or this plan that focuses on one book of the Bible at a time. This would be a great option for someone looking to jump in head-first. Either way, just start reading. Ask God to make Himself known and fill you with His wisdom, and then read. It isn't about being the fastest or reading the most - it's about spending time with the Lord and knowing Him. The Bible is the best source of Wisdom you will find on this earth. 

Spend Time in Prayer to Grow in Wisdom

God's wisdom is perfect, and there is so much we can learn from spending time with Him. While reading God's Word gives us knowledge and truth to learn, the act of praying forces us to slow down, humble ourselves, and spend time at God's feet. 

Part of wisdom is cultivating an awe and deeper trust in the Lord. Prayer helps us with that. This is because in prayer, we are vulnerable to God. We are submitting all things to Him and asking Him to be in control. Giving all to Him is a form of wisdom that cannot be replaced.

Fortunately, if you are someone who struggles with your prayer life, Jesus actually gave us a guide to help us in our prayers. So if you need help, check out Matthew 6:9-13. Use Jesus' prayer as a guide - He will never steer you wrong.

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Read Christ-Centered Devotionals and Books to Gain Wisdom

Reading Christ-centered books has always been a great way for me to grow in my faith. I started reading Christian devotionals at a young age, and started reading spiritual growth books when I was a teen. They were (and still are) an integral part of shaping my faith.

Of course, we always need to be careful, since not all books are created equal. There are many books out there that are "Christian" that are either laced with dangerous teachings or are basically just self-help books cloaked with a Christian title. 

But if you dig deep and do your research, there are plenty of Christian books out there that you can trust that will deepen your faith, your knowledge of God, and your Christ-rooted wisdom. A few names I trust include: Kevin DeYoung, Melissa Kruger, John Piper, and Rosaria Butterfield. No author or book is perfect, but if you are diligent in your research you will be able to find authors that you can trust and books that will challenge and grow you in the wisdom of the Lord. 

Recently, I set out to write a devotional book on the topic of wisdom. I wanted it to be a Christ-centered, biblically-rooted hub for Christian women (or anyone, really) to be able to come and learn about godly wisdom. So that's what I did! And in November of 2018, I published Refined by Wisdom: A 31 Day Guide to Growing in Godly Wisdom

If you are interested in learning more about biblical wisdom, and you want a simple, straight-forward approach to growing in this wisdom for yourself, Refined by Wisdom was written for you. You can find Refined by Wisdom here.

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Seek Out Godly Counsel for Biblical Wisdom

People are flawed, that's true. But the Bible still places an emphasis on brothers and sisters in Christ helping one another in their walks with the Lord. Proverbs 19:20 says that we should listen to godly advice. In 2 Samuel chapter 12, we see Nathan confront David about his sin and give godly advice to him. 

It should be noted that just because someone says they are a Christian doesn't mean they should be giving you advice, nor does it mean that you should heed it. However, if you have godly friends in your life who walk closely with the Lord and have their foundation firmly rooted in Him, seeking out biblical wisdom in times that you are confused might be a good idea. 

Likewise, godly counsel can and should also come in the form of your local church. If you are in a Christ-centered and biblically rooted church, then your pastor's sermons should also be a place for you to grow in wisdom. Take heed to what he says. Track with him as he preaches the Word of God. And ask God to grow you through doing so. 

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"Becoming more wise means becoming more like Jesus." -Kristin Cook

Your main source of wisdom should always come from God Himself - in His word, in prayer, and through the Holy Spirit. But through solid Christian books, godly counsel from strong Christian friends, and through your pastor, you should also be able to grow in wisdom. 

God knows our weakness. He knows that no matter how much we desire to please Him, we will fall short in our frailty. So God provides what we need. As we walk with Him, He truly will make us wise. Our wisdom won't become full until the day we are glorified in Heaven, but we will still be made wise by God as we come to Him in prayer, in Bible reading, and in worship. Trust His goodness to provide what we need in order to obey Him. He will never leave us without help.

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