8 Types of Vulnerable People to Pray While You are Homebound

Sunday, March 15, 2020
Who should you pray for during a medical crisis? Here are 8 types of vulnerable people to pray for during a medical crisis.

a list of vulnerable people to pray for during a crisis

Pray at all times. That's what we are told to do in God's Word (Ephesians 6:18, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). And while this is always true, it feels incredibly pertinent with everything going on around the world with COVID-19. The Coronavirus is scary and there are a lot of unknowns, but as Christians, we know that God is good and sovereign. He is in control and we can trust Him.

That's why it makes sense for us to give Him all of this in prayer. He alone is our helper in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1). And while I encourage us to pray for everyone in the world right now, there are several groups of people who are vulnerable during this time. And while some may be obvious, other vulnerable groups don't get mentioned as much as they should. So today, I'm sharing 8 different types of vulnerable people to pray for during the Coronavirus pandemic.

who to pray for during a medical crisis

1.) Pray for Pregnant Mamas

Just at our church alone there are so many pregnant ladies. I know pregnancy must be taxing on it's own, but throw in the fear of the Coronavirus and the many inescapable news updates and I cannot image the amount of fear that pregnant mamas are working through right now. Pray for them, that the Lord would comfort them, help them fight fear, keep them and their baby safe, and help them trust His sovereignty.

2.) Pray for Children in Bad Homes

For a lot of kids, a little time off from school doesn't sound bad at all. Even in the midst of a pandemic, children might enjoy a little break from their normal school week. But for some children, home is the last place they want to be. Many children go home only to experience hunger, verbal abuse, loneliness, and even physical abuse. In these cases, school can be a haven, and with schools temporarily closing, that haven is removed. Pray for these children. My heart breaks for them. We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors, and during a time of being stuck at home, they need our prayers.

3.) Pray for New Babies

A friend of mine has been posting updates of her baby lately. While her baby is not a new born, she is still very young and tiny. And recently she was diagnosed with RSV (along with another disease) and is not doing well. My heart breaks for them. Please pray for them specifically.

But this also makes me realize how fragile new life is. Pray for newborns, babies, and small children during this time -- that they would be safe and well. And that should they contract it, that their bodies would fight it well.

4.) Pray for Government Officials

It does not matter what our political leanings are -- we as Christians should be praying for government officials. I'll say it again: it doesn't matter what political party we support. God calls us to pray for those in leadership (1 Timothy 2:1-4, Jeremiah 29:7, Romans 13:1).

And this is always true. But right now, government officials are having to make big decisions. So pray for them spiritually, physically, and emotionally, that God would help them do right, would give them wisdom for tough decisions, and that God would draw them to Himself. They are vulnerable, despite their place of power.

5.) Pray for the Elderly

The elderly seem to be at the highest risk for Coronavirus -- especially those who have diabetes, heart disease, or lung disease. Many people over the age of 65(ish) are already more frail and prone to sickness, and COVID-19 is proving to be very bad news for this age-bracket.

Pray that the elderly will be kept safe from this virus. Pray that younger people will use caution so that they don't end up infecting their elderly loved-ones. And pray that God will help the elderly who have already contracted the virus.

6.) Pray for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are busting their butts to help everyone who is coming in to get tested for Coronavirus. They are working hard to help those who are infected and I am sure they are also working hard to keep people calm who have started developing allergies, a cold, or the flu and are afraid it's Coronavirus instead.

Pray for strength, energy, peace, and endurance for these workers. And pray that they stay well as they care for the sick.

7.) Pray for Retail Workers

Both of my parents and my younger brother work retail. They handle money, they stock, organize, and restock shelves that thousands of other people have touched, and they deal with the madness of crowds stockpiling toilet paper and bottled water (and seriously, folks, why?!). I have been concerned about them, especially because there are multiple known cases in their city already.

There are so many Walmart employees, grocery store employees, and other retail workers out there who are not only dealing with freaked out customers, but also have to deal with so many germs being passed back and forth and they can't escape. It's part of their job. Pray for my family please, and pray for everyone in this type of job, that they stay well despite all the germs.

8.) Pray for the Sick

Don't forget to pray for those who are infected with the virus already, and also for those who are more susceptible to catching the virus because of other illnesses that they already have.

*Note/Bonus Idea

After writing this post, a friend messaged me with another group to pray for. She expressed that it is really hard for people who have support groups of various types that they rely on. During times when these support groups cannot meet, it can really be a struggle to fight against whatever it is that plagues them. They need prayer to stay strong in whatever area they were needing a support group for while the group is unable to meet. I thought that was an excellent addition to this list.

Friends, this list is overwhelming. Shoot, I started to get overwhelmed and fearful as I typed. But we pray to a good and faithful God who holds the whole world in His hands. We do not need to be fearful, overwhelmed, or disheartened. Let us pray for these requests and trust God to do what is best.

At the end of the day, pray for whoever God puts on your heart. Pray for them when Corona is a threat and when it isn't. But if you are looking for specific groups of people to pray for, I hope this list helped. And honestly, I'm sure I missed some groups, so feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments below. Either way, pray. Submit your requests to God. He is good.

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Who to pray for during a crisis

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