Our First Adoption Update and Fundraiser

Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Our first adoption update and fundraiser | Want to help support us on our adoption journey? Here's how you can help!

We have been so encouraged by your response to our adoption announcement earlier this week. We feel so blessed to know so many people who are excited for us on this journey. God is so good to give us such incredible people in our lives!

We have had people that we haven't seen in years (or that we've never even met) give to support our adoption journey. We've had people tell us they are praying for us and are excited for us. We've had people share that they were adopted and how blessed they have been by adoption. 

We are so thankful for each of you. Thank you for praying for us and supporting us both financially and with encouragement.  

Currently, we've raised about $2,600. This is enough to pay our commitment fee to our adoption agency and buy all but one of our required courses we have to take on the adoption process and what to expect. 

What's Next

After that, our next steps will include paying for and passing a home study. The home study is a major step in the adoption process. Not only is an approved home study what will move us into the matching phase of adoption, but it's also something that we need in order to start applying to most adoption grants that we've found. 

How Can You Help?

Many of you have already kindly asked how you can support us financially on this adoption journey to help us bring baby Cook home, and we are so thankful for that. Below you will find an explanation of our first fundraiser: A Puzzle Fundraiser!

  1. We have this adorable 500 piece puzzle (photo at the top of this blog post), and we are "selling" each piece for $30. You can purchase 1, 3, 10, or 20! There is no limit.

  2. To purchase your piece(s), you can send money through our Paypal link: paypal.me/thecookadoption, Venmo @Kristin-Cook-32, or mail a check -- please send us an email at thepeculiartreasureblog@gmail.com for our address.

  3. Once purchased, we'll write your name on the back of your puzzle piece(s).

  4. When every single piece has been "sold", we'll put the puzzle together, frame it, and hang it in our future child's room so that they'll always know who has been a part of his or her incredible story.

If we can complete this puzzle through your generosity, we will have made it approximately one third of the way to our fundraising goal! By the time we hit this goal, we are hoping to have an approved home study so that we can begin applying for grants.

However you are supporting our adoption journey, through prayer and/or finances, we are so incredibly grateful for the role you are playing in bringing our baby home. We can't say "thank you” enough!

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