How to Write a Valentine's Letter for Your Husband

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
A Valentine's letter is a great gift for your husband. Keep reading to learn how to write a Valentine's letter for your husband this Valentine's Day.

A few years ago a I wrote an open letter to my husband on Valentine's day. While it was a fairly simple letter, I've realized that people have really enjoyed looking at the valentine's letter. So I decided to share some simple advice for how to write a Valentine's letter for your husband, in case that's something you'd like to gift him this year!

How to Write a Valentine's Letter for Your Husband

1. Share what you're thankful for

Let him know that you are thankful for him, and be specific about what those things are. Does he lead you well? Thank him for it. Does he cook delicious dinners every night? Thank him for it. Does he work really hard to provide for your family? Thank him for it. 

2. Share what you love about him

This can be surface level or deep. I prefer a mix of both. Whether it's his cute dimples or his love of studying God's word, point out a few things that you love about him. 

3. Notice the little things

Take a minute to think through the little things that can easily go unnoticed, but that actually mean a lot to you. For example, my husband's work is only 15 minutes away from our home, but sometimes he calls me when he's leaving work because he wants to talk to me then, not wait until he gets home. That means so much to me, but I don't really think to tell him that in the moment. Those types of things are great for this type of letter. Let him know that you see the little things and they mean a lot to you. 

4. Thank him for helping you

If there's anything your husband has been helping you through lately, thank him for being there for you. Let him know that his support has been helping you through it. 

5. Be playful

This is especially true if you and your husband tend to be playful already, but regardless, try to be a little playful, funny, or flirty in your letter. Still be yourself of course, but making the letter playful is a great addition. If it doesn't feel like it fits, then skip that part, but I think there's probably a little bit of room for that if you want there to be. :) 

6. Remind him of God's love

Take time to remind your husband of God's love for him, to encourage him in who he is as your spouse and as a child of God. And also thank him for reminding you of those things too, if applicable. This is a section that I didn't think to add in my open letter on my blog, but if I wrote another one, I would probably include it. I'm so thankful for the ways that my husband encourages me in the Lord and I want to be better about encouraging him in the same ways. 

7. Don't overdo it

Try not to make the letter drag on-and-on. Even the sweetest letters can lose a little bit of sweetness if your husband feels like he's reading a novel instead of a love letter. Write from your heart but try to make it an easy-read. Only you can determine what's "too long" but just try to be aware.

8. Don't make it about you!

One thing I do think it's important to note is that not everyone will respond to a letter of appreciation in the same way. Some people will tear up or be emotional, but some will simply read it and be encouraged inwardly but not say much outwardly. Don't make this letter about you or getting the reaction you want from your husband. Make it about him and encouraging his heart - and let him process it in whatever way is natural to him (even if you hoped for a more dramatic response). Just because he processes differently than you doesn't mean it didn't encourage him. 

I hope this has been helpful to you as you think through writing your husband a Valentine's Day letter. I'd love to know in the comment section: have you written your husband a Valentine's Day letter before? Do you plan to write him one this year? Comment below!

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