Tuesday, June 26, 2012
This week has been a very full, but enjoyable one. I drove home to surprise my daddy for Father's Day. It was worth it, but driving 10 and a half hours in three days was exhausting!
This week, I have spent quite a bit of time volunteering at Sarges Animal Rescue. I usually only go once I week, but I have been addicted to that place lately. It breaks my heart to see all those dogs (who are REALLY wonderful) sitting in a cage. They don't know why they are stuck in a cage, why they don't have a real home, or why their last owner hit/hurt them. I was petting a BEAUTIFUL Beagle today who sat calmly in my lap and loved on me. I almost cried.
I know that to a lot of people, dogs are just dogs. They are stinky and four-legged, but they are special to me. For some people, God uses animals to heal, to transform, and to soften hearts. Obviously, people are more important to me than animals. People need the redemptive work of Christ's blood; animals just need a walk, a bath, food, water, and an owner. However, that does NOT mean we shouldn't care for the animals that God has created. We are here to show the glory of God, but we are also here to be good stewards of the earth. This includes "the beasts of the field" (Genesis 2:19).
Take little miss Magnolia, for example:
Magnolia is an adorable Scottie mix who is very smart, extremely lovable, the perfect medium size dog. I have been taking her on walks this week and as we walk, she periodically lifts her head up and just "smiles" at me as if her day is now perfect. It brings joy to me, and I am hoping others will start finding joy in these dogs as well.
No matter where you live, there is most likely an animal rescue near you that is desperate for volunteers. If you are not a dog person, they usually have cats too :)
I know Sarges needs volunteers, Foster homes for the animals, and of course, people to adopt these precious puppies and kitties!
In Western North Carolina, I know that both Brother Wolf (Asheville), and Sarges (Waynesville) need help, and are FULL of animals that need homes. Do check it out :)
Here are a few more of the plethora of dogs:
 I don't know her name, but this is a very pretty, PURE BRED Papillon!
 This is Jiggs. He is a poodle/dachshund mix. He gets scared easily, but he's a sweetie.
I just met this little guy, and don't know much about him, other than that he is friendly.

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